Liebster Award!

Hey guys!. I am back from camp.
It was very awesome. I believe I will have a post about it soon.
Anyway, I was nominated for the Liebster award!.


Thank you @Makayla for nominating me. Check out her awesome blog This award is exclusive to bloggers with 200 or less followers.
Here are the rules:
1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display your award.
2. Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you.
3. Give eleven random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate eleven blogs you think are deserving of the award.
5. Let the blogs know you nominated them.
6. Give them eleven questions to answer.

@Makayla asked me the following questions and these are my answers:
1. What food can you not live without?
This is quite tough for me because I do not think there is a particular type of food I cannot live without. For purposes of this question however, I guess I cannot live without Rice. I love Rice!:-).

2. Where is your dream vacation?
Without even thinking;.. Domincan Republic:-).

3. What was your favourite childhood book?
I had this really huge beautiful book that had a collection of the famous fairy tales.(beauty and the beast, cinderella, sleeping beauty etc). I used to read it alot even when I was passed the age for such stories. I do not remember it’s title though.:-(

4. What is your favourite brand of candy?
Honestly, I am not crazy about candy so it means I do not know much about their brands and all, I just love any type of candy as long as it tastes good.:-D

5. What is the most valuable(s) things you own?
Non material; My salvation.
Material; My Laptop, phone.

6. Do you have any favourite board games?
Yes i do.

7. If so,what?

8. What is your favourite app on your phone or ipad?
Honestly, i have two favourites. WordPress and Candy Crush(it’s an app, right?o_O).

9. What is your dream car?
For now it is a Toyota Reguis Wagon.
I love big cars:-).

10. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
I hope to become a better writer and connect with other bloggers. And most importantly, I hope someone is inspired and motivated by something I write in one way or other.

11. Where is your favourite place in the house?.
My favourite place in the house is the bedroom.

Here are 11 random facts about me.
1. I am a born again Christian who is serious with my christianity.

2. My favourite colour is Red though most people do not believe it because i do not have many red stuff. Lol.

3. I still have not found a food that I am allergic to. The stuff that I do not eat are stuff I just do not like but they do not affect me in any way.

4. I have more female friends than male friends.

5. I use alot of gestures with my hands and face while speaking.

6. I believe that i am a creative person

7. I am a neatness freak.

8. I smile alot.

9. I am a Big Brother Africa fanatic.

10. I love guns and wrestling.

11. I am a natural hair enthusiast

NOTE: I do not know the exact number of followers most of my nominees have. So incase you have more than 200 followers, I would still love to know your answers so please free to participate if it is okay with you.
Here are my nominees:
@Erriel J~Code Ariessta

Here are my questions to the nominees:

1.What has your experience as a blogger taught you?
2. Have you yet achieved any of the goals you had for your blog when you started it, if yes, what are those goal?
3. What is your favourite quote and by whom?
4. What is your favourite TV show?
5. Who is your favourite author and why?
6. What is your favourite book incase you love reading books?
7. If you had Three things to do before you died what would they be?
8. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
9. What is your favourite music band?
10. Cats or dogs?
11. Movies or series?

Do not forget to let your nominees know by Including the links to their pages or by commenting on a recent post or about page.

Participation is NOT mandatory. You can choose not to.

Have a great day!

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