Discovering God’s will for your life.|A Message from Camp.

Hey guys.
So, finally here is a very short post from camp.
I had a post ready to be put up before this one. It was about eachday of camp in a little detail, together with pictures, and then something happened, then I restarted my phone and my post got deleted.:-(. Me being the optimist I am, I redid it, reached halfway, I turned on my data and then the post disappeared again!. Lol. So, I have left it for now. It will come up next week.


This post is about something I liked during one of the sermons.
This was a sermon preached by pastor Andrew Kimuli of Watoto Church West. It was about discovering what God’s will in our lives is and then tailoring our lives accordingly. You know like making decisions in accordance with God’s will for us.
Knowing God’s will for our lives will greatly help us in our decision making.
The message I will be sharing will be on how to make decisions based on not just our own will and understanding but also on God’s sovereign and moral will for our lives. This is not the whole message, It is just a particular segment I really liked in the message.
Pastor Andrew gave us six filters to use whenever we are going about decisions. These filters are not just useful when making decisions concerning our spiritual lives but also our personal decisions etc.
Honestly I wish I had heard this sermon a long time ago because there are some major decisions I made in my life that I believe I wouldnot have made if I had these filters to help me.
It is a very short message because I Will not be elaborating much on it, as I found It just helpful enough as It is.

1. Am I in a right relationship with God?
This is the most important in my opinion. I believe that our lives as Christians are useless if we do not have a right relationship with God. I know every Christian has a relationship with God but how good is that relationship?
A right relationship with God involves constant communication.
So how often do we communicate with God?, how often do we spend quality time with God? The answers to these questions will tell us what type of relationship we have with Him.
And when we get to know this, we will find it easy to involve this first step when making decisions about life because we trust Him to enable us make major decisions in our lives.
I believe the main reason I made some of those decisions I made was because I didnot have a good relationship with God and I had to deal with the regrets later.

2. What does the Bible say?
Yes. What does the Bible say about that particular decision you want to make?
Luke 21:33 says that “heaven and earth Will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away”. God is telling us that His words (The Bible), Will by no means pass away. This, to me means that the Bible is our greatest tool as Christians. God speaks to us directly through His word. He will not stop speaking to us, because His word will always be with us.
Does the Bible speak for or against your decision? Every decision we make either has approval or disapproval in the Bible. Get time to just get engrossed in your Bible and find out what It says before you make that decision.

3. What would Jesus do? (WWJD)
This is as plain as it sounds. Imagine Jesus had to make the decision you are supposed to make, what would He do?
When you figure out what He would do, I am sure you will know what decision to make.

4. Have I sought godly counsel?
Seek for godly counsel people. Talk to someone; probably your pastor, prayer partner, or any other people you think would give you godly counsel.
A problem shared is a problem half solved.
Proverbs 11:14 says “where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in multitude of counsellors, there is safety.
Proverbs 15:22: “Without counsel, plans go awry, but in multitude of counselors they are established.
Avoid making decisions you will regret because you decided to do it all on your own.

5. Do I feel God’s peace in this?
Have you ever tried to make a decision and not feel peace about it, However much you try to tell your self that it’s all good, you still feel uncomfortable and then all of a sudden things just turn upside down for you?
If Yes, i guess that was the Holy spirit trying to show you that this was not God’s plan for you.
Pastor Andrew stressed on 1Cor 14:33 thats says “For God is not An author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints”.
A decision that makes you uncomfortable, or confused is not God’s Will for your life, because God brings peace into our lives, and not confusion.

6. Is It about my will, or God’s Will?
Matthew 26:39 says “He went alittle farther and fell on His knees, and prayed saying ” O my father, If it is possible, let this cup pass from me, nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will”.
This was Jesus’ prayer at the Garden of Gethsemane before He was crucified. He was asking God to take away the suffering from Him only if It was His will that it be taken away. I guess this takes us back to WWJD. Jesus chose God’s Will Over His own Will, would you do that too?
Sometimes our will is not in line with God’s will and because we are only humans, who like to satisfy our own desires, we end up doing our own will, and end up with regrets.
Choose God’s will. However uncertain it looks to you, it is very certain and clear to God.
In Psalms 139, He Tells us that He knew us even before we were born. All our days were numbered!.
Relax, He’s got your back. Just do His will and all will be well.

That’s all guys, I hope you learnt something from this.
Have a Goodnight!.

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