Best of my holiday.

Hi everyone!..
I hope we all had a great weekend. Mine was great. I spent it upcountry.
August has come to and end and so has my 5 months holiday!. Finally!. (I was sort of missing my school schedule, and I was really missing my friends).
The new school year begins on 2nd September. I cannot wait to experience what it holds for me.
I have liked this holiday because unlike the rest I have had, it has been quite a productive one since I didnot spend it only relaxing, and sleeping and just basically having a holiday in the actual sense.. I was able to do some productive stuff during  my holiday.
Here are things I loved most about my holiday;

My birthday.
This was on 28th April. I had alot of fun with friends and family.
The most I can say is I have the best friends and family. Thank you for being part of my life!.

I had a two months Internship at a Court house. I learnt alot during that time, both about law and just usual life lessons. I am glad I went through that experience.

I started having tailoring classes towards the end of June. I love clothes, I love fashion, I love beauty, however, what I love most, is knowing how to do those stuff myself. I am team cheapskate all the way, so I like learning how to do stuff myself so as to make it cheaper for me to have what I want.
I was so happy to be doing those classes, I didnot finish them however, so during my next long holiday(April to September 2016), I will be going to fashion school for a short course.:-).

I FINALLY got a new laptop after more than a year of patience!.

This has been one of my best friends this holiday. I hadnot been on YouTube ever since I lost my laptop in 2014. However, since I got a new laptop during the holiday, I was back to the YouTube life. I do not blog on YouTube but I love watching other people’s stuff.
From inspiring spoken word pieces, to amazing life changing sermons, natural hair tutorials, make up tutorials(though the number of stuff these ladies put on their faces is astonishing. With my Uganda heat, your face will become a coat of many colours in no time!), tailoring tutorials, workout videos, and many more, I just couldnot get enough of YouTube.

Spoken word.


I developed an interest in spoken word sometime during my semester, but I got so much into it during the holiday. I have written a few pieces, recited a few in the privacy of my bedroom, my only audience being my phone recorder, and later my mentor Gordons(He started blogging recently at Wake The Poet) who receives the recordings. My girl sammy received one recording too, and that’s my audience for now. Lol.
Anyway, apart from me and my amateur spoken word, I have been loving very awesome work by a number of spoken word artistes on YouTube. My major likes are, Clayton Jennings, Sarah Kay,
Jeanette Ikz, Ezekiel Azonwu, David Bowden, Jefferson Bethke, Jackie Hill Perry, Karness Turner, Wake(he Isnt on YouTube but he is awesome:-).

T.V and Series


I llloovvee series and TV. I love the fact that series are long in duration unlike movies, and I love T.V because I get to watch reality stuff.(I prefer to watch reality programmes whenever I watch TV). I had missed these alot during my semester. I had a tight personal schedule last semester so I didnot get the time to sit down and watch a serie. I watched TV mainly over the weekend.
However, this holiday, I couldnot get enough of them.
My favourite this holiday are; Stalker, Orange is the new Black, Believe, Secrets and Lies, If Loving you is wrong, Ballers, The Royals
Favourite TV shows were The Amazing Race, Chopped, I also developed a liking for these channels; Investigation Discovery, Discovery Channel, Sony Max,
I will miss these again because I have an even tighter personal schedule this coming semester.

Blogging and Favourite blogs.
This holiday has been good for me blog-wise(If that’s a word). I have enjoyed blogging. I had enough time on my hands to write.
I incorporated a few new stuff to my blog
My blog has received more followers. I am grateful for those occasional wordpress notifications that show me that I have a new follower.
I have been getting some beautiful comments from readers(it’s really nice to know that other people, except my friends and family think that my work is beautiful:-).
I have come across very beautiful and inspiring blogs. Each of their content inspiring a different aspect of my life in their own unique way.
These are the blogs that I have been loving this holiday;
Coily Head of Hair
The Ninth Life
With All My Affection
Perfectly Imperfect Lives
The F.A.B Sister’s blog
Ihunda’s Musings
You can check them out whenever you want to.

Natural Hair.


This is one of my major highlights of the holiday.
On 22nd June, I made the decision to start taking good care of my hair.
I have had natural hair all my life though I cut it when I was 12 because I had joined a school that didnot accept girls to have hair.
I started growing it again in December 2012. However, I didnot do anything to take care of it!. All I did was protective style and more protective styling, then blowdrying. I didnot care whether it broke, or got heat damage etc.

Bantu knots

My hair was thin, bad, brown and had really stunted growth. I had just 5 inches of hair after 2years and 6months of growing it.
Anyway, I got inspired by beautiful natural hair I kept seeing all over internet and I decided to take care of mine aswell, and I am glad I made that decision.


On July 6th, I undid my bob box braids, trimmed a whole two inches of my hair, had my first ever wash day, deep condition, protein treatment etc.
Since then, my hair has improved significantly, It is much thicker, fuller, it’s even getting darker(so I have been told), The last time I checked, It had grown about 2.5inches more, which is not bad for 2 months I guess.

First ever wash and go.

I live in Uganda and finding products here is as hard as looking for a needle in a hay stack! So I prefer to DIY my products and stuff for my hair If they can be DIYed, If they cannot, I am glad to buy them(If they are available in Uganda).
I really need Black Castor Oil, so anyone who knows where I can find it in Uganda, please mention at the comments section.

Crotchet Braids.


Guys, I did crotchet braids on my own! That was really huge for me because I had never done anything like that to my hair except braiding it for the night. In the past, I went to the saloon to do everything concerning my hair, Including a simple tying it up in a bun whenever I had braids on. I am so glad that I am learning how to handle my hair on my own. It has helped me not only have total control over my hair but also save the money I would have otherwise spent at the saloon.


I first saw these crochet braids with Nafisah of Coily Head of Hair.
I went to YouTube to get tutorials about it, and then I did them later.
I used one pack of Noble kinky bulk, and a Bobby pin(it’s that simple guys)
Crochet braids tutorials are all over internet so I won’t explain how I did it.
It took me four hours to end up with this beautiful hair.
I got lots of compliments about it. Whenever I styled it right, I got the “is this your hair?” question, two people asked me why I tinted my hair. Lol., and I got the stares aswell (those from people who are probably wondering what’s on your head but cannot ask you).
I enjoyed the crochet braids while they lasted. I had them on for three weeks and started missing my hair so I took them out.

Working out.

Fav workout site.

In July, I was diagonised with Scoliosis. It basically means that my spinal cord is nolonger straight but has develoved a C shape. I cannot really say I was devastated. I do not know what happened to me during the time I learned I had Scoliosis. I remember being concerned about the fact that I was not devastated and terribly affected by this news. I was scared, yes, but I had this unexplainable peace within me. My family was worried for me, incase the doctors said that I needed sugery. I, on the other hand, was not worrying about it. I never ever cried about it, I never got depressed by it, I never let it consume my mind. I was scared about my back swelling too much, but I never let it take away my happiness. I cannot explain what happened during that time because that was an unexpected reaction to the news.
The right side of my back has potruded, so it is swollen but the doctors told me that there are minimal chances of it potruding further, therefore, no need for surgery!:-).
They recommended exercise for me, to deal with the pain and control the right side of my back aswell.
I started out with exercise specifically for scoliosis, then as time went by, I got so into working out that I started doing other workouts aswell.
Currently, I enjoy working out. However, my workout depends on my moods. On a good week, I work out 3 to 5 days or even more, on a bad week, I work out about 2 to 3 days or even less,
All the same, I love the feeling it gives my body, I love the fact that it is part of healthy living, and I heard it also helps with hair growth:-). Killing two birds with one stone.:-).
My best workout site on YouTube is Fitness Blender.They have easy to do at home exercise, and I find it not so straining on my body, and effective.



This was my latest love this holiday.
I attended the Kabale History Maker’s camp organised by Watoto Church.
I had so much fun!.
I experienced God in so many ways, I experienced my personal miracles, I made friends, I had some really good conversations with particularly two people; because of these conversations, I have adjusted one or two things about myself for the better I believe.
And most importantly, through camp, I got reminded of who I really am in Christ, and what my life’s purpose is, and how to tailor my life for that purpose.
I left camp elevated to a different person!


It's not the cutest saving box u can find, but it is a life saver for now:-)

This has always been a fail for me whenever I make the decision to do it. I end up never getting around to doing it, or do It for a few weeks and then end up spending the money.
I realised that having easy access to my savings was the major reason I was always failing at it.
Saving in the bank seemed like the best idea to me, but most times I do not have time to get to the bank all the time to deposit my savings, which meant I had to let the money accumulate first hence having easy access to my savings. The other Thing I tired was saving it with me, like in my drawer or something haha and just try to discipline myself not to pick it, but it failed aswell.
So, this time I decided to try something different.
I bought a saving box, and I have been saving in it. So far so good, since I do not have the courage to break a whole saving box. Lol. I pray this continues.

Holiday, Holiday
Despite all I was doing, I loved the fact that I actually got to have a holiday. I got to have enough sleep every single day, I got to relax whenever I could, I didnot have test, and courseworks, and deadlines, and all the other stuff that comes with school.
Although I started missing that towards the end of my holiday, I am glad I actually got to have a holiday.

That’s all. What have you been loving lately? Any loves in common?
Have a great week!. May it be filled with happiness, Joy and Laughter!

PS: I realised that I was typing this, something was happening with the pictures. So if some pictures appear in the wrong places or do not even appear at all, sorry. My wordpress has been acting up lately

PPS: I was meant to do an OOTD post yesterday, but procrastination happened so I will just drop this pic down here:-).



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