Yego Night | A good way to spend the evening.


On Wednesday I attended an event called Yego Night. It took place at Route 256 in Lugogo.
Yego Night is basically an event where young talented people are given the opportunity to showcase their various talents.
The theme of the event was “Young At Heart”.
Young At heart is generally a project that encourages and motivates Ugandan youth to cultivate resilience despite our challenges and make a life through creative arts.
This was my first ever attendance, and I had fun!. It was definately a good way to spend the evening.
It was a beautiful and inspiring event.
From fashion shows, to poetry, photography, music, there was a vibrant display of talent and skill at the Yego night.
The fact that almost all the main performers were youth, upcoming in their various fields, was inspirating enough.
Ugandan youth have talent and they can use it to better their lives.I believe they just need platforms like this to be able to showcase what they have and what they know.
Now that I know about it, I hope to be able to attend the others in the future.:-)

My highlight was the fashion show. We were wowed by extremely creative and awesome work by a young designer called Razz Kasozi.
His work can be found @Kaswear for both Instagram and Twitter.

PS: I have been M.I.A for sometime now. This is because my semester just started and I have a very hectic class schedule. As soon as I am able to figure out how to balance everything I shall be doing together with blogging, I shall be able to blog regularly.:-)
Have a Lovely weekend!

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