Do I have a plan B?… Not yet!.


The results for pre-entry exams for the Bar Course(Reffered to as Law Developement Centre or LDC in Uganda) were released recently.
First of all, when you apply for the pre entry exam to get into the LDC, you are competing with thousands of other people from different Law schools allover the country to get into just one Law Developement Centre that takes just a limited number of people.
Everyone wants to get in at the first trial but when you are competing with every Law student in the country for a limited number of slots, it gets tricky.
Many lecturers tell us that when preparing for LDC, keep in mind that much as you prepare to excel, prepare yourself for the worst aswell because even the best players get hurt.

What am I driving at?
This just got REAL to me.
Over the past years, I have not been bothered about these exams because I didnot have any friends, relatives or schoolmates sitting for it. So even when people would talk about how many people failed, it didnot matter alot to me because I had no one to look out for.
However this time, I had lots of people I knew (friends and former schoolmates) who sat for it so I was eager to know how they performed.
Sadly, most of them failed.:-(
Even some of those we knew to be brilliant brains in law school failed.
It was hard for me to believe so and so and had failed aswell.

So yesterday I was talking with afew friends about this and these questions came up in our conversation:

Have you prepared yourself for the probability of failing to get into Law Developement Centre at the first trial?
Do you have a Plan B?

Honestly speaking, prior to the release of these results, I had no plan at all in that direction.
I am an optimist most of the time, so I had never thought of failing the exam.
Whenever I thought about LDC, It would always be about how much preparation I will need to get in there and then to get out aswell.
Not for one moment did I ever want to think about the fact that probably I could fail to get in the first time. So there was no plan absolutely.
But like I said, this just got real to me.
I got to have a plan. Much as I believe in my self, life can throw lemons at you when you least expect it. So I believe the qoute “Prepare for the best, Expect the worst” is something I will have to incoporate into this area of my life.

I have been thinking about that, and I do not know yet what I will do incase things go south for me but I know that by the time I am sitting for that exam in 2017, I will have a well planned out Plan B.
Same goal, just a different plan.
Have a blessed week guys.

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