What’s in my bag.

Hello everyone,
I have been seeing this “What’s in my bag” post going around lately,  so I decided to do one myself.:)


I am the type to carry a handbag  all the time. If I haven’t carried a handbag, then I carry a purse.
This is because I like to carry a few basics on a daily basis.

Here is a sneak peek at what’s in my bag.


Books/Diary and pens.
Books for when I am going to school, and when I am going somewhere else, I always carry my diary with me just incase I need to cross check my to-do list, or need to write or take note of something. Yes,  I am a pen and paper type of girl.:)

I love listening to music whenever I am travelling or walking or whenever I’m just bored.
So they are always in my bag.
However I use them less thesedays because my sisters cannot stop telling me that I will soon become deaf because I use them alot.😁

I carry this almost everyday because in my opinion, global warming has terribly affected Uganda.
Rain can surprise you anytime. Even during the most dry seasons!

Lipstick /Lipgloss
I carry these so that I can keep reapplying whenever I need to.
For this case though, it’s only lipgloss.

Because I need it most of the time.
This is not in the picture because it’s what I used to take the photos.
Money purse
Which contains my ATM card, some loose change for any emergencies during the day, my Identity card incase it’s needed anywhere, Health insurance card incase anything happens to me,  passport photographs just incase something comes up and I need to use them, my little blue mirror, spare keys to my room, bracelet(s)

Sanitary Wipes, Handkerchief and tissue
I carry these for whenever I need them to wipe my face, or palms or seat or for anything else.

So that’s what’s in my bag. Just the basics. Once in a while I have something extra depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I have a bottle of water/a drink, or a scarf etc.

What’s in your bag?
Have a great day!

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