What’s your opinion about yourself?

Source: successconsciousness.com

Hearty, a winner, loser, brilliant, dumb, creative, beautiful, ordinary,  extraordinary, ugly, blessed, happy, cursed,  favoured,  depressed, imaginative, clumsy, a joy,  a headache, charming, boring, proud, courageous, humble, meek, disgusting, the worst, the best, dejected, poor, rich, cheery, inadequate, bold,  confident, weak, strong, eloquent, dishonest, disillusioned, lovely, lowly, mean, generous, wretched, powerful, haunted, appealing, hopeless, conceited, cold-hearted, defiant, impressive, harmonious, defeated, efficient.

What’s your opinion about yourself?
The way you view yourself is the exact way people will view you. This is because what we feel on the inside is what we will exhibit on the outside.
Speak positive into your life everyday especially when you have reasons to be negative.
Take time to give yourself a pat on the back and compliment yourself often.

Source: birthherway.com


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