Semester Update:|September.

First of all, Happy Independence Day to my Nigerian readers.
I hope the day was great.


It is hard to believe September has already come to an end!.
It feels just like yesterday. Anyway, with all the activities going on around school, it is hard to notice time fly by.
I have really slacked with my posting this month. I will not bore you with all the excuses, because they are just excuses, not valid reasons. I just hope to be better in the coming months.
I am in school until 17th December so I will be bringing you a monthly update about what’s been up with the semester.

Here’s an update about the first month of my semester.

I did a protective style (Afro kinky twists) at the beginning of the month and I hope to keep them for one more month.


I have enjoyed having it on because Afro kinky braid is quite coarse so it holds styles well and I also find it easy to maintain.


My regimen is simple; I moisturise whenever my hair needs, which is almost daily, the most I go without moisturising is 2 to 3 days.
I have not washed my hair yet because I just have a feeling my hair (which is mostly 4C) will simply become a tangled mess and stress me when I have to undo the hair. I don’t want to take chances.:-) so I just clean my scalp with warm water and a cloth once a week, just to remove any built up dirt on my scalp.


I deep conditioned once on the second week. (I used Organics Cholesterol Tea tree Oil, and Extra Virgin Olive oil so I didnot have to wash it out). I guess I will deep condition just one more time this month, and thats it.
Finally, I got Shea Butter after about 3 months of searching.
It is 100% Pure Unrefined Shea Butter. My mum got it for me from a friend of hers at 20,000 shillings. I think it was a good buy considering how rare it is to find shea Butter in Uganda, plus its quantity is not bad.

My first class time table was literally sent from hell.
I almost had no free time at all; the time I could call free time were those hours in between lectures. However It was restructured, and now I have the better part of Tuesday free, and it was restructured again and I was also given free Saturday afternoon.  That’s a first for me ever since I joined law school. I still find it hard to believe I have Saturday afternoon free. 😂

I attended an event called Yego night..
It was fun and an inspiring display of talent and skill.
Ugandan youth are one bunch of talented young people. They just need a platform to showcase their talent.

The first two weeks of class were abit confusing with regards to lectures.
All our lectures were shifted to a new block, which had issues with the way the classes were numbered on the timetable so we had to go through the “fresher behaviour” all over again (looking for a classroom for about 30 minutes only to realise it was the first classroom you left behind).
Oneday I spent about ten minutes climbing up and down the stairs looking for the classroom only to realise I was at a totally different block altogether. I almost gave up on going for the class.

My sweet little sister’s birthday was on 12th September.


She already had plans for the day so the least I could do was make her dinner at my place about a week later and we enjoyed a nice evening of food, pictures and laughter.:-).
I am thankful for her sweet life. She is such a lovely sweet friend and sister, and I pray she lives to see her dreams fullfilled.

My boyfriend’s Birthday was on the 14th.


We had awesome dinner at a cute little restuarant in Mukono called Shade Gardens.
That place is a must try out for those who love good food.:-).
The waiter who served us was kind and efficient, the food was extremely delicious- it was my highlight, they have really nice juice, the environment was really beautiful. And it being a Monday, they had few customers we had privacy too.


I am thankful for his life. I pray he lives to see many more years and achieve his dreams.

I officially became the new cell leader for one of the cells at my university. A cell is a small fellowship group from my church. A cell consists of people who worship from Watoto Church and live in the same neighbourhood.
I lead cell every Wednesday night. I am extremely grateful for such a humbling opportunity. I really do not deserve it.
I had first time jitters but I am getting used to it.

I made a reading timetable but I really slacked during the first two weeks and only started reading seriously at the beginning of the third week.
In relation to that, I have really been forcing myself to get Into the whole school and reading thing this semester. I was so pumped for it at the beginning, but then the zeal just died somewhere along the way.
I thank God for the this little discipline that keeps me going to class and reading my books.

My goals for this month included: minimising costs and saving more, doing daily bible study and devotionals, reading my books daily, blogging often working out atleast thrice a week, TLC for my hair, cutting out on soda consumption and trying to live healthy.


So, I think I did a good job with the minimising of costs and saving.
I wasnot so good at the daily bible study as somedays all I did was listen to a sermon and that would be it for the day.
Like I said, I only began reading seriously in week 3 so this dint go well aswell.
For blogging often, uuhm… Epic Fail.:-(.
I did good with the working out. Some weeks I worked out up to 5 or 6 days.
I did good with my hair goals. I was on top of my game with my regimen.
I dint do so well with cutting out the soda consumption. I just love the taste of bitter lemon guys.:-D so, I had my share of bottles of Krest Bitter Lemon.
I will applaud myself on trying to keep healthy. I really tried. I took more water, ate junk food about four times the entire month, worked out, generally I tried to be healthy.

I have been hooked on Joel Osteen sermons for the past month.
His sermons on happiness, laughter, peace, and life generally can change the way you view life. Also, I am in love Heather Lindsey messages on Youtube. Especially the monthly pinky promise messages. I downloaded for most of this year’s that I had missed.

To sum up the month, My friend “of life for life”; Mimi.(she taught me that. Its a nigerian thing, I hear. She is Nigerian).


My friends(Sammy and Hope) and I made her lunch at my place.
We spent quality time together as friends, we talked, laughed, danced, played around with make up, took loads of pics, made videos, did alot of cooking, teased eachother, messed up the whole room and they left me to clean it up.:-). Thats what friends do anyway.


I was glad we spent that time together. It was refreshing to be able to be in the moment without a worry about books, or life generally. It was just special girl time.


Many times we are caught up in our schedules and responsibilities that we forget what it means to just have a beautiful time with close friends.

So, that was September for me.

My goals for this month are more or less a continuation of what my goals for last month were.
I will be working on the same goals.
So, my ultimate goal is to do better than I did last month.



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    • Happy new month too dear!..
      Yeah. I find time to relax..
      About keeping goals.. this is actually the first time I have tried to put my goals into action. The only things I did differently this time was try to develope some discipline and also I was accountable to a friend for some of my goals so it also helped because I had someone to remind me..

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