7 days of Gratitude | Day 2.

      “Each day I am thankful for my family, health, home, all of nature,  and my life.
I am most appreciative that I realise how lucky I am to be alive.

If you are reading this post, it means it finally accepted to get posted. Yyaaayyy. It was meant to be up yesterday but for some reason Airtel network doesn’t seem to agree with me.

It is day two of our 7 days of gratitude. My friends and I are being deliberately thankful for the little things in life for 7 days. First of all, I should say I have realised that it’s not so easy to find things to be deliberately thankful for. Especially if you are used to being thankful for the big things in life.
Anyway when you look and think harder, you realise your whole day was a miracle you need to be thankful for. So I will keep looking for those very little things however hard it may seem.

Here’s day two:

1. It was another bright, sunny day. Even brighter than yesterday because it drizzled for just a few minutes the whole day and that was it.
The day was so beautiful and literally gorgeous.


The grass was so green, sky so blue and colour from some two flowers I saw was literally popping I had to take pictures of them. It was a really beautiful day.


I am thankful for that.

2. I am thankful for peaceful sleep and a peaceful night.
Last night, I heard afew creepy stories about spirits and demons etc.😂(those things freak me out). I thought I was going to have a really rough night but I slept like a baby… Very peacefully.

3. I follow some very inspiring and beautiful blogs and they have all helped in improving various aspects of my life.
For every blog I follow, there is something unique that attracted me to it in the first place.
With every post that appears on my reader, I learn a thing or two or more about blogging, writing or just about life, about God etc. Or I just spend time swooning over the beautiful creative pictures(for photography and lifestyle blogs), learn new stuff and draw inspiration.
I am thankful that I can get access to this.

3. My lectures ended at 10:00am today, and since I don’t have any tests until next week, I decided to give my room a long deserved general cleaning.
I was able to do a thorough cleaning and re-arrange my room, wadrobe etc.
Also, since I had all the time on my hands, I was able to cook, workout, iron, do my hair, do my nails, do a facial.
I rarely have days where I can be able to do all this so I am really thankful I got to do this.

4. I am thankful for music. The power of music is unexplainable.
I spent the day listening to my favourite playlist as I did my chores, and I din’t even notice time fly. My song on repeat was;Take me to Church.


Music is so powerful and therapeutic.

5. I am thankful for silence. Yes. Silence. I am glad that I can afford to have uninterrupted quiet time with just myself during my day.
Some people would do anything to have Just afew hours of silence eachday.. I am thankful that I can have this quiet time whenever I need it.

6. I am thankful that the sun chose to shine on the day I chose to wash.😁. Initially I had given my clothes a minimum of two days to dry under this weather, but well well, the sun just decided to do some turn up for me today, whoop whoop my clothes dried in hours.😁.

7. And like yesterday, I am so thankful that I lived through today to write this.

That’s it for today. Check out ikomusana.wordpress.com and hopejakisa.wordpress.com to read Fionah and Hope’s day 2.
I will be back here tommorrow.

What are you thankful for?




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