7 days of Gratitude | Day 3

I am thankful for the nights that turned into morning,
Friends that turned into family,
And dreams that turned into reality.

As usual, Airtel couldn’t allow me post last night so here I am, extremely late with my post again, but well, better late than never. Yeah?
Apologies please..:). Thank you.
I promise Thursday’s post will be up before Friday by all means.
With exception of this paragraph, this post was written yesterday.
Enjoy the read.


We are on day three of our 7 days of gratitude.
Is it just me or is this week running to fast? The weekend is almost here. Yaayy.

Today, I am thankful for these:

1. This morning, I woke up with my body, health and mind intact.
I had the strength and ability to do all my day’s chores and activities without need for physical help from anyone.
I have a decent, safe accommodation and I have enough meals to sustain me through the day.
I have a place I call home, people I call family and I am loved and accepted by them.
I live my life without the need for any special medication or tablets inorder for my body to function well on a daily basis.
For all the above.. I am extremely thankful.

2. I have a very strong anchor in the name of my family.
Two parents, three sisters, and a brother.


Together we concur all life’s challenges; both thick and thin through trust, forgiveness, understanding, and especially love. I am so thankful for them.

3. I am thankful that there is such a force as DIY. Yes I consider it a force. That force that keeps the creative person in me thinking and working, that force that compels me to make something instead of buying it.
That force that has saved me from spending too much money on some things:). (natural hair stuff, facial treatment stuff, etc.).
I DIY almost anything my human ability can permit me to, and I tell you it works. Not only do you feel proud that you actually accomplished something when you see the end product of something you made from scratch, but you also end up spending less, which is important.
By the way, I used natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen to make a facial treatment for my acne. My face is slowly clearing, I would do a post about it at a later date, I am still monitoring it.

4. Wednesday is one of the days I look forward to in my week because I have these wonderful people with whom I meet every Wednesday night for cell/fellowship.
They are an awesome bunch of people. They make me happy, they make me laugh and I love listening to them because I learn from them.
We are not just cellmates but also friends. Wednesday is a day I would bet on anyday, anytime that I will definitely have a good laugh before the day ends because when you attend my fellowship, a good laugh is guaranteed.

5. And as usual, I am thankful that I lived through today to write this.


That’s all for today. I will be back here tommorrow.

What are you thankful for?…

One of my readers pointed out to me that my friends'(with whom I am doing the challenge) links cannot open. I tried it today and I realised they actually cannot open, so the issue was not with her, it’s here. So until I have done something about them, I cannot link them here, but you can still check them out whenever you can.:)




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