7 Days of Gratitude | Day 4

There is always, always
Something to be thankful for.

Day 4 is here already, and someone is excited because she gets to unplait her hair over the weekend.:)
It was a cold, dull ish morning but it got sunny, then cold again, then sunny, then cold,.. Anyway as we now know,  I am always thankful for a bright day.


Here’s what I am thankful for today:

1. We all know that since this week began, I have had to write a post a day-something I have never done, and I have realized that I am oh-so thankful that this whole writing shebang is just a hobby and not a profession. 😂Phew. If I had to write an article daily, especially a professional one, I wouldn’t handle it.
Lots of respect to all professional writers out there, and bloggers who have the ability to pull off the daily blogging thing. You guys are really special.

2. This morning was one of those mornings I just wanted to stand under a shower with my thoughts for about 15 minutes and let the water just flow down my body. (yeah. I have those moments:)). So I am under the shower and I start thinking about an incident two weeks ago when we din’t have water in my hostel for almost two weeks. So I din’t have the luxury of using a shower or have running water in my room… It really sucked having to fetch water everytime you needed it and use as limited water as possible..
And then I knew I am so thankful that I have running water in my room.

3. I don’t know why I thought about this today, but I am so thankful that I am not yet at the point in my life where I have to pay bills at the end of every month.😁. How awesome is that!?..
Until I arrive at that bridge in my life, I will always be grateful for this time.:)

4. This week is UgBlogWeek and I am thankful I got wind of it. Why?  First of all,  I have been looking for Ugandan blogs to follow but I happened not to be finding them.
Thanks to twitter I got to know about UgBlogWeek, which made me find Ugandan blogs, and now I have a whole bunch of inspiring Ugandan blogs I follow, plus, since I now know about it, probably I shall be able to participate next time.

5. Guess who just started blogging??.. My friend Mimiwar.


*drumrolls*. I am so excited.
She started a fashion and style blog and I can’t wait to read her posts and feature in them😂 (Mimi I had better feature otherwise Eehn..You and me *insert straight face*).
I am thankful for this… Another of my friends on the blogosphere.. The more, the merrier!.

6. I am thankful for responsibility.
I am humbled to have afew responsibilities entrusted upon me, and I am grateful that I was even thought worthy and trusted enough to be given these responsibilities.

7. I am thankful for a great evening.
This week is lawyers’ fun week at my school, and this night is lawyers’ night(typing this post at the event). Its basically a day when law students showcase their talents… From spoken word, dance, acapella, art etc.. It’s just one night of really crazy fun. A really great way to unwind.
Super talented people allover the place.


7. And,  I am thankful that I lived through today to write this.

Okay… Will be back here tommorrow, someone needs to feel this whole lawyers’ fun night moment…




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