7 Days of Gratitude | Day 5

Life is a gift, I accept it
Life is an adventure, I’m solving it
Life is a mystery, I’m unfolding it
Life is a puzzle, I’m solving it
Life is a game, I play it
Life can be a struggle, I’m facing it
Life is a beauty,  I praise it
Life is an opportunity, I took it
Life is my mission, I’m fulfilling it.

I really love that quote up there because I see an attitude of gratitude written allover it.


Anyway… It’s Friday, its Friday.. Weekend mode officially activated.:). It is also Day 5.. Two days until the end of this challenge..

Guys some stuff on my list are really trivial,:) and some, not so much… Enjoy the read..

I am thankful for Wi-Fi..😁.
Yesterday, my friend Fionah and I came to a conclusion that we are thankful for Wi-Fi after tweeting endlessly about the law fun night because there was Wi-Fi where the show was happening from. Initially that was the main reason I was thankful for Wi-Fi but then I thought abit and this came up… Since last week, the only way my posts get published here is through the Wi-Fi at my school.
Airtel decided to act up so I cannot post with my data anymore and then I can’t switch to MTN despite my friend Fionah’s endless invitations because that relationship between me and MTN was mainly characterised by MTN cheating me with regards to data, so I moved on permanently….so you see why I am so thankful for Wi-Fi.

2. I am thankful that I realised toothpaste clears pimples.😂
I have heard people say it works, I have seen people use it but I had never tried it before but never really bothered to ask for the results because I just dint think it works..
The thing is I have this kind of acne that keeps breaking out as soon as I think I have finally cleared it. I tried products and failed, switched to natural ingredients and thankfully, they kind of work for me.
Anyway, I had hese three stubborn pimples that just couldn’t go away, I decided to put some toothpaste on them last night before bed and see what happens… I woke up when they had totally reduced in size. The smallest of them was almost invisible. 🙂 . Unbelievable, and I am thankful.

3. I am thankful that I have the ability to see.
Everyday I wake up expecting some of these things to be automatic. You know you will just open your eyes and see, will be able to get out of bed and walk, be able to hear as soon as you up…but imagine not being able to see the beauty of the world, people, where you are going to, all the beautiful colours in the world (especially RED:)). My sight is fine, I don’t take this for granted.

4. I am thankful that somehow I have always being protected whenever I move around late in the night. Yesterday I left school after 11:00pm because I stayed around abit with my friend Hope after the fun night. Well, I got a Boda Boda back to my hostel.. Right from campus until I got to my hostel, we met only one person on the road, which means I was totally at the mercy of this Boda guy. He could attack me if he wanted to and no one would know because we were the only road users at that time.
If you have lived in Mukono or have heard the crime stories about it, you know that it is well known for having Boda Boda riders that hit people (especially students) with iron bars so that they can steal their phones, money or laptops.
I am thankful that this has never happened to me despite the fact that I move at night quite often.
I am thankful for that devine protection.

5. I am thankful for beautiful, creative photography.
The fact that people can see the extraordinary in the ordinary things about life and capture it in a beautiful picture is so amazing..


6. I am thankful I lived through today to write this.


I will be back here tommorrow.

Images source: Google.




  1. You should listen to me more often especially in regard to MTN
    But yo right WiFi is freakin awesome..
    I am thank ful that whenever I read something you have written its like I am seeing life through a different lense.
    Yo pretty awesome Atom
    Plus I don’t know what your talking about, because you always seem to hv a perfect skin..( Maybe my eye sight is not as good as yours)


    • Hahah Komusana.. About MTN, we are not negotiating.
      Thanks alot for the compliments..you are awesome too. I always mean it when I say I love your writing style…

      As for my acne, I think u just choose not to see it, or you see me on days when it’s behaving well… Hahah. I have had some really bad days…

      Liked by 1 person

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