7 Days of Gratitude | Day 6

We must find time to stop and be thankful for the people who make a difference in our lives.
John. F.  Kennedy.

Hey guys.. Yesterday was day 6 of the 7 days of gratitude Challenge..
I was so busy the whole day that I dint even get time to write it until very late In the night and then I slept off while typing.
So here we are on day 7, with a day 6 post.
Enjoy the read..

I spent the better part of Saturday with my friend Samalie.


Samalie and I have been friends since childhood. We grew up together, attended the same Sunday school, attended some bit of our primary school in the same school, and then life happened, and we had to move to different boarding schools, Samalie’s parents moved to another town for work, so we met again in 2007, in the same secondary school and our friendship continued. To cut the long story short, we are now more of sisters than friends.


Anyway the plan for Saturday was that I would get done undoing my hair before10:00am, run some errands then wash it and then we would cook together.
However, unplaiting of my hair took longer than necessary, which also made the errands I was meant to run take longer than necessary, and then it was 2:30pm, and we hadn’t cooked and I hadn’t even washed my hair.
Since I wanted my hair totally dry in Bantu knots by Sunday, I decided to first wash it as soon as we got to my place, then cook later… But my darling Samalie just got to the cooking right away without even being asked to, she cooked all the food we were meant to cook even when I had finished washing my hair.
That’s what any good friend would do right?.. Yeah. I know. But do we get time to be thankful for such people in our lives? There are some people who long to have such friendships you know.


Do we get time to say thank you to such friends, and not just saying thank you because they have done something but just saying thank you for who they are, for being part of our lives… Well… I rarely do that. I usually say thank you when they have done something etc..

So today, I am so thankful for the gift of Samalie.
And I want to say thank you Sammy:

*For doing all the work yesterday, and not even complaining. Not everyone would be like that.

*For knowing all my flaws, weaknesses and baggage, but still loving me anyway.

*For putting up with my endless chatter and pictures about natural hair.😁

*For being the type of friend that believes in forgiveness and making things work to save friendship.

*For being a great listening ear, even when you have to listen to the same things over and over. You just listen as if it were the first time you are hearing it.

*For being my certified number one go-to shopping buddy. What would shopping be without Samalie?…boring.

*For accepting to buy me nude lipstick… Everyone else I asked refused.😂

*For always being a shoulder to cry on whenever I needed one.

*For being my number one partner in crime.. Crime would be boring without someone like you to laugh through it.

*For your constant laughter. You are such a happy and nice person to be around since you always have a reason to laugh about something..

*For always always and always believing in me and my dreams, even when I have doubt in myself sometimes.


*And for many more things I haven’t written here. I love you😘😍…

That’s all for day 6. I will be here later tonight with Day 7.

What are you thankful for?




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