7 Days of Gratitude | Day 7: A Habit of Gratitude.

The more you thank life,
The more life gives you to be thankful for.


This is the finale of this challenge..
Today, I am thankful that I got to participate in this challenge..
I am also grateful to my friends Hope and Fionah for participating with me.
The greatest lesson this challenge has taught me is that every single day of your life, no matter what you went through during the day,  there is always always something to be thankful for.. You just have to focus on the positive, and you will find it.
I know we all have bad days, days where we feel like everything around us is just a mess.. During such times, it is easy for us to focus on the bad, our mistakes, failures or seek for a pity party just to feel better…
Some of my days this week have been just like that.
However, the fact that I knew I had to come here every evening and be thankful really helped a great deal.
It gave me a more positive outlook on things..
I was forced to pick out the positive from my day so that I had something to write here.
Even when the negativity would set in, i would still end the day being thankful because I usually wrote these posts when the day was ending.
In a bid to grow this into a habit,  I have decided to challenge myself and anyone else who wishes to, to be thankful daily for those little things everyday.
At the end of eachday, just think about how your day went, pick out the things to be thankful for and write them on your journal, or notebook, or your phone etc.. If you cannot write them down, just say them out loud to yourself… With time, we will develop a Habit of Gratitude.

Repeat Daily: Today, I am thankful.


Have a great week!.



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