Semester update| October.

November is here.. Yaayy.. About 7 weeks to Christmas and 5 weeks to end of semester exams. Holidays loading soon.


This month has really been a busy one with tests, books, courseworks, etc. It was one test after the other so I din’t do much fun stuff.
We have just afew more tests to go, then we get to the real deal (exams).

Here’s what October was like.

*So, remember my friend Mimi..


Her birthday was on 29th September.
Hope, Samalie and I threw her a surprise birthday something…
Remember her??
Well, she had another surprise birthday party planned for her over the weekend, on 3rd October by all of her close friends.
More cake, more food, crazier fun..
My highlight (and I think everyone else’s, because it was one epic funny moment of serious laughter) was when we played the charades game..
It was hilarious seeing how hard people tried to act out particular words, only for you to find out what the word was and just die of laughter because the act just din’t match the word one single bit..

*The following day was the day of the Kampala city Carnival.
It is one of the numerous festivals we have in Uganda.


There are lots of fun activities that day, lots of thrift markets, lots of colour and it is free…Say free to Ugandans and they will come running to attend whatever that function is.
My friends and I were going to visit a friend’s mum and since the road leading to town was blocked, we had to walk from where the blocking began through the carnival into the other side of town.


I had planned to attend it, but visiting my friend’s mum was more important. So I was glad when we had the opportunity to pass through it and kinda get a feel of what it was like. It seemed like fun, I thought we would come back to attend after we visited but time wasn’t on our side.
Anyway, at least we passed through.

*My youngest sister Peace is in  Primary 7, which is the final year of primary school.


In Uganda we call anyone who is finishing a particular level of primary or secondary education a candidate. And usually, schools have a blessing  day for their candidates where they pray for them a few weeks before they sit for their national exam that takes them to the next level of education..
So, my sister’s blessing day was on the 18th of last month.
She studies in Malaba so we had to travel home to Tororo a day before so as to make it easier for us to go to Malaba early.. Guys one of the best feelings ever is the feeling you have when you leave the city chaos and just experience the peace, simplicity, quiet, traffic jam free roads and nature of upcountry.


We had fun at her blessing day. And we are all proud of her. Finally our baby is not so much of a baby anymore. She will be in secondary school very soon.
And by the way, she is doing her exams today and tomorrow… I wish her all the best.

*I finally undid my hair..yaayy. I had missed it alot. I am glad I had it for two months as I had planned to.


I had hoped to have it out for just a week or two then plait it again but I guess I will push to three weeks or a month so that I can plait as I start preparing for my exams.


I had planned to do a length check but procrastination set in, and the rest is history.


Anyway, last week I had it in Bantu knots.


I tried out a twist out which failed totally, so I just went back to Bantu knots.


Then I stretched it using the African threading method on Sunday. I undid it today and ended up with this…


so this is what I will have for this week..

*My friends and I did a one week  Gratitude Challenge that led to me doing a personal gratitude Challenge where I write stuff I am thankful for at the end of the day or I just say them out aloud if I can’t write so as to develop a habit of gratitude. I really did enjoy the challenge and the most important lesson I learned is that there is always something to be thankful for.

*Two of our pastors from two branches of Watoto Church came to attend our fellowship..


Pastor Andrew Kimuli of Watoto Church West and Pastor James Lalobo of Watoto church East.
We had fun with these guys. I think it is a good thing that we are able to relate with our pastors. They tried to clear the air about Grace and all its misconceptions.
It was a nice fellowship.

*Like I said, this month was a books themed month…


Assignments and tests and coursework all over the place.
But that’s why we are students. No complaints at all.😁

*I follow an amazing blog called The F.A.B Sister’s blog. The blogger, Eziaha blogs about christianity in a very fun and interesting way. She is a great story teller and a woman with great words of wisdom.
In some of her recent posts, she talked about a preacher called Priscilla Shirer.
And I decided to head to YouTube to check out some of her stuff and I must say I was extremely blessed.
Priscilla Shirer is a really good preacher. She is hilarious( I guess everyone loves a preacher with a great sense of humour), she uses these gestures and tone as she speaks which makes it seem like she is performing spoken word, and above all, her teachings are really great and inspirational.

* My brother graduated on the 30th of October with a Bachelor of Business Administration.


It was such a joyful moment for my family because we went through a series of things that made it seem like this day would never come…
But it did! God doesn’t go back on his word. He made it happen for us.


We had a party for him on Saturday the 31st and it was successful.


It was just a friends and family occasion.


Lots of people saying nice things about him, dancing here and there because we (my family) love to dance and celebrate and make parties dramatic with our dancing and celebrations.


I am so thankful for this day.

That’s all for October.

How did I do with my goals??..

My devotional time was better this month. Reading was better because it was inevitable. I had tests and coursework so I had to read. I slacked alot on working out, I mean alot. I also slacked on my hair especially two weeks to me taking it out, blogging was abit okay especially because I did the one week challenge, I was able to blog daily for a week which was new for me.

This month’s ultimate goal is to be well prepared for my end of semester exams by the end of the month.

Have a great week.




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