10 Thrifting Tips..

Hey guys… Today we are talking thrifting.
Most of the stuff I own are thrifted. I like shopping from thrift markets because they are cheap and they have a variety of clothing. Also, as long as you know how to put clothing together to form an outfit, thrift markets are a good place to shop from.
Plus it is a really easy way to look great and stylish on a budget..


So here are my tips:

1. Have a budget.
Always always have a budget. This isn’t just for thrifting, but also for your general shopping.
Always have a budget, and carry only the exact amount of money you budgeted for because thrifting is very tricky. You could end up spending alot of money because the clothes are really cheap. So,  carry just the exact amount of money you intended to spend. It will force you to leave the market…

2. Do your research.
In Kampala, Uganda,  there are so many thrift markets. All you need to do is just do research and know them. So,  do your research, ask friends… Some thrifting markets have better quality clothes than others, some markets are way cheaper than others, etc. So do not limit yourself to one place


3. Plan
Especially if you are going to more than one market. You want to plan your movements carefully depending on how much you will be shopping and how you will be getting to your destination.

4. Be in the mood.
Simply because when the markets you are going to are anything like those in Kampala, the market atmosphere can literally annoy you if you are not in mood.
The crowds, noise, chaos etc really deserve you to be in the mood.


5. Go with a friend.
Thrifting is always better when you go with a friend, especially one who won’t get tired from all that.
My girl Sammy and my sisters are my thrifting buddies.

6.Be open minded
Because it’s a market, you should expect anything. Be ready to open your mind to all options.


7.Dress comfortable
You are going to a market. And if your market is anything like the markets in Kampala, expect to be touched, pulled, pushed, possibility of your valuable stuff like phones,  wallet etc being stolen, etc.. So you want to wear probably a comfortable pair of jeans, shirt and a comfortable pair of shoes, keep your valuables as far away as possible.
And also, I realised that the smarter or more sophisticated you look, the higher the amount of money you will be charged😁. So,  be strategic in your appearance as well.


8. Take your time.
You know how thrifting is if you have ever thrifted… The more you look, the better you find. If you go thrifting in a hurry, you may leave the market unhappy.


9. Go when the market is about to close.
I have never shopped at this time, but my sisters have and they bought really cool stuff for more than half their actual price.
Much as you find many stuff already taken, things are cheapest when the market is closing..

10. Be versatile
A thrift market is not a place you will be sure to find exactly what you really want as it is…
So, you have to be versatile. Buy anything you have liked and asong as you know how to match pieces together, the creativity on how to wear them will come later.


And one more tip: Be disciplined. Follow your budget and know when to stop. The thrift markets will always be there. You don’t have to buy everything you have ever wished to own during one shopping trip and go broke.

That’s all.
Have a great week and enjoy thrifting!..




    • Thanks… I recommend Kaja (Old Taxi park), I doubt they have a particular market day because I have been there on different days but I still find stuff, then also Nakawa, just at the Nakawa taxi park. Their market day is saturday…
      Then there is Bwaise.. The market is just along the road before you get to Kawempe, their market day is Wednesday.
      Then Mukono just behind IHK, their market day is Tuesday..
      Though I really prefer kaja..
      I hope I have been helpful. 😊

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