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A Rare Gem..

Last week during one of my lectures, I sat next to one of my classmates whom I had never spoken to since we joined school.
Somehow, we started having a conversation and she told me words I think every blogger would love to hear. She said “I am a silent reader of your blog by the way and I love it. You have a nice blog”.
Incidentally, last year, one of her friends had told me she is a good writer and I had always wanted to read her stuff but well, I dint have the chance to.
So when she mentioned my blog, I asked about her writing and she said she stopped writing sometime back.. Me being me, I tried to talk her into writing something for me so that I can publish here and she did!.. 

Here is what she wrote.. Enjoy the read.


So far campus has been pretty amazing.
I am a third year law student and I have met some really cool people.
Each day that passes I meet some more.
I am Liz Achola and there is girl in my class who talked me into writing again. She believes I am a good writer. (I used to be,  now I am just rusty).
Anyway, that aside, when you are a writer, nothing makes you happier than someone telling you an amazing writer you are, especially when you no longer think you are, and especially from someone you never expected.

This is the beauty of life..
There are these people who know about you and believe in what you do but most times we have no time for interaction as we are comfortable living our lives, thinking we don’t need others, that what we have is enough…

I personally used to have the same thinking but ever since I interracted with this girl called Atim. E. Mercy, my whole perspective on life and people changed. This girl and I have always been in the same class since we joined university but we had never interracted (let’s just say its all me; I am not the social nor friendly kind).
This is someone I always saw around because we have many mutual friends.
I first talked to her this semester during a Business Associations class (Yes, I recall. She was amazing.)
It made me realise why everyone liked her.
She has this kind of way of talking to everyone nomatter your character. She is one of those people who just warms up to everyone and doesn’t judge.
From that time, I started stalking her; starting with her blog that I found on my Twitter Timeline.
I recently told her about my stalking and she laughed about it and talked me into writing an article (she heard I am a good writer). I told her to write about me but I figured it would be a challenge because she doesn’t know much about me either.


Mercy is one rare gem.
She has these two friends of hers she just can’t stop talking about and did I mention that she has a unique strange way of caring for her natural hair that I dont get up to now.
Ok bye.. Till next time.

That’s where her write up ends…
I hope you enjoyed it.
I requested her to guest blog one of thesedays so I guess we should expect that soon.

Till then..


4 thoughts on “A Rare Gem..

  1. Wow Achola Elizabeth a.k.a Luvliz..
    Awesome things.. Let’s get her a blog shall we?
    Everything said about my Itesot Atim is true & correct to the best of my knowledge & belief
    Here is to having Luvliz write more often & to hoping that I am one of the friends Atim is talking about
    ( ya that’s a real stretch)
    As Luvliz would say
    Okay bye..
    Oh ya & it’s a bit weird you guys had never talked

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahaha..
    I talk about you Fionah. You know I do…
    I tried talking her into starting a blog but she totally refused… You should talk to her as well..
    I know it’s real weird we hadn’t talked.😊


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