DIY Acne Treatment.

I promised to write about a DIY acne treatment afew weeks ago and here it is.
I have an on and off acne situation every now and then.. And me being a DIY fanatic, I decided to search for ways on how to fight acne naturally.
A few YouTube videos and Google Searches later, I eliminated a few stuff, added a few and came up with my own regimen that I could comfortably work with.

You don’t have to follow every step on this post. You can add or subtract whatever you would want to, depending on your convenience and how your skin is.
What works for me may not work for you.

Also, remember to test these things before you use them. You don’t want to apply a whole tomato on your face before testing it,  only for you to realise that it burns your face, or gives you a rash.. So, test the ingredients first on a small part of your skin.
Enjoy the post!

What you will need


1 Tomato
Brown sugar
Egg york
Face towel

Importance of each product.

*Tomato enters the pores and cleans up all clogged pores.

*Sugar is a natural exfoliate for the skin. It scrubs dead skin off and unclogs pores as well.

*Egg York is a natural skin toner. It holds the face and gives It a protein treatment.
It also fights blemishes and dark spots.

*Honey is a natural anti aging remedy and it also moisturises the skin.

*Face towel to dry your face after you wash it. Just dab it on your face to make it dry.


*First make a face scrub with tomato and sugar.
Squeeze the juice out of the tomato into a bowl. Usually one juicy tomato is enough for me but you can use as many as you need. Then add adequate sugar into the tomato juice.  You want to add enough sugar to enable you give your skin a good scrub. If the juice seems more than the sugar, add more sugar until you have enough to give you a scrub.

*Break up your egg and separate the egg white from the York. I do this because I have an oily face and the egg white contains oils and fats which I wouldn’t want to add to my face.

The Proceedure:

*First, steam your face to open up your pores.. Remember to first wash your face thoroughly before steaming because when you steam a dirty face, all the dirt gets into the open pores and causes more skin issues.

*Scrub your face thoroughly with the tomato and sugar scrub until a
Sometimes I end here if I just want to give my face a scrub and not the whole treatment
So on days I stop on this step, I wash it off with cold water to close the pores
Then on days I have to do the whole treatment, I wash it off with warm water so that my pores can stay open to receive the other stuff.

*Apply the egg York on your face in a sort of massage motion.
Leave on your face until it drys and then wash off with warm water.

*Massage your honey onto your face for also about a minute or so and wash off with warm water..

*Then apply a moisturiser to your face.

There.. The treatment is done.
You can do it thrice a week at most, or once a week at least depending one the degree of your acne or your schedule.

I am protective styling again with Bob using Afro kinky braids. What can I say.. I fell in love with Afro kinky braid..:)


Have a great day!




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