Semester Update | November and December.

Hey guys… Merry Christmas!!.
I am finally back here!.
As most of you know already, I have been on a break from blogging for alittle over a month now because I had exams..
Well.. Exams are done and so I am back. I am on a three weeks holiday.. Although I would have loved it to be longer, I am thankful to be away from school for sometime.

How has everything been going?  I missed you all. Did you miss me? I have been having the time of my life these past few days reading all your posts and generally catching up on what I missed.
When I was taking this break, I thought I would be able to make drafts whenever I got inspired to so that I can do proper posts when I get back, but well alot of things happened between the time I got the break and the time I got back that I dint have any drafts written.

With that said, let’s get to business…
Here’s an update on how my November and the half of December went:

November for me was not the best of months really.
Isaac’s dad passed on.
I fell ill for the first time in about two years I think.. I don’t remember. Luckily for me,  I recovered fast enough to do my exams in good health.
I had afew personal disappointments here and there and for some reason I felt kind of empty.
Anyway, with all that going on, I had exams to pass so it had to be a books oriented month too.
So I spent the better part of November reading for my exams and dealing with all the stuff going on around me. Nothing eventful happened in November.
My November highlight was my little sisters returning from boarding school for their holiday.


These two little girls are one of my many little joys. Those constant reminders that life is beautiful. Thats what they are.

December started off with great news. On exactly 1st of December, I received news that my dad had got this long awaited promotion at work. It was exciting. I remember screaming despite my sickness. Haha.
So, my December started off well.
I started my exams on the 8th of December.
They were fair I should say, though I think they were alittle weird. Something about them was different from the other exams I have done, I don’t know what though
Anyway, I am believing God for great things.
My parents made 25 years in marriage on the 15th of December. I am so thankful for that. I pray for many more years for them.


After my exams, I attended my friend’s birthday party.


We used to be so close at high school but since we joined different universities, we hardly meet. Our relationship is limited to text messages, phone calls and occasional visits whenever we can.. So it was nice meeting her again after several months.. I had alot of fun and I met most of my high school friends from my A level school.

So yeah,  that’s what happened. Mostly uneventful and abit boring.

With that said,  I am glad to be back here. I cannot wait to get my whole blogging groove back on.
I hope to get a few posts here before the year ends.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Atim, Glad you are back and good luck with your exams- I understand how weird exams can be- you study all you can and when the exam comes, it turns out to be from portions different from what you have prepared. And congratulations to your parents and to you three sisters too.
    Merry X’mas.

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