Merry Christmas!

Tis the season to be jolly🎼.. Tala la-la Tala la-la🎶.


Hello loves…
It is Christmas Eve already!…

This post is just to wish you all my lovely readers a Merry merry merry Christmas!.
Do have fun in abundance and thank you for being part of my 2015.

Meanwhile, for some reason, I thought I would go all out and have some “super post” for Christmas but well oh well… Life happened, and here I am with no “super post”.

It is going to be the first time I will be having Christmas in the city.. My family together with my relatives always travel upcountry for the holiday but this time round, plans changed.
It will also be the first Christmas we will be spending as just our nuclear family because everyone else travelled upcountry. It kind of sucks, because for me, the more the merrier but well, it is a first so let’s experience it.

One lesson I have learned about spending Christmas in the city in Uganda: You don’t want to be making journeys to Kampala around this time please…
Why? The traffic jam is mega crazy. I don’t understand why. I had my worst traffic jam experience yet on Monday. So no Kampala journeys for me until I am sure this holiday traffic jam is done.

For Christmas, as I said already, I will be with family.
Obviously I will be celebrating this beautiful gift called Christ.
Because I am the “chef” of the day I will be experimenting with one or three or more recipes I learned from Sisi yemmie’s YouTube channel and my friend Charity who is an amazing cook!😁.. While doing this, I will be listening to good ole Christmas carols and chatting with my fellow “chefs” for the day (my sisters).
I will watch new Christmas movies and re watch the old ones (I still love “Home Alone”).😁
I will take loads and loads of pictures and make home videos.
And just take the rest of the day as it comes…


With that said,  have a Merry Christmas loves. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season. Let’s celebrate Him as we celebrate with friends and family..


How will you spend your Christmas or how did you spend your Christmas??(Depending on when you will read this).




  1. av jus read yo post now(rode z 29th) belated merry Xmas plus I spent mine wt my as usual extended family in e city as well n literally jus ate e entire day,dono who was e chef(s) buh e food was amazing.I also made home videos and we chatted all night thru n it was joyous having little kids running here n there n u know nothing is merrier than e laughter of little children.Allow m to wish u a happy new year 2016 n may u continue entertaining us wt yo catchy stories.


    • Liz Liz.. You owe me a guest post… It should be one of my first posts on the blog for 2016.. Deal?… OK deal. (you have no choice).
      Belated Merry Christmas too… Your Christmas really seemed so merry.. True.. The sound of children’s laughter is everything!..

      Happy 2016 too dear.. To lots of posts here and to lots of guest posts by you!!..


  2. hihi yes yes mercy,this year ama b too much of a guest here ull jus end up changin e blog to my name*wink*/….lemme start by jazzin u how my new year was ushered in…


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