Guest Post || Random New Year.


Time Check: 2:48am.

Location: Random Motel in Masindi.

Reason: Read below..

As the world waited anxiously for 2015 to end so that they can usher in 2016, I was stuck in a car, along the Masindi highway as you are heading to Northern Uganda.
How did I come to be in this situation, this is how:

On the last day of 2015, my family (mum and two brothers) and I decided to travel upcountry to usher in the New Year with friends and relatives.
It started out as fun and adventurous as we enjoyed the cool music and breeze. We bought food on the way,  took pictures and sent them to those who stayed back home in Kampala etc..
Then out of the blue, my brother who was driving stopped the car on the side of the road because the fan belt had got torn.
The engine had obviously over heated so the car couldnot move.
This happened at about 3:14pm, and we were far from the trading center.
We called people here and there to give us solutions until a passing bodaboda man helped us get a mechanic from nearby.
They worked on the car until 9:00pm and trust me, we were already tired and this was just midway our journey.

After leaving the garage, we drove for 13 minutes and the car broke down again; this time on the highway, with no shops or buildings in sight. We had to break tree branches and put on the road as we again made numerous phone calls.
Midnight found us in this place. We were tired, exhausted and hungry but all in all, we wished each other a Happy New Year, and mum played some fireworks video from her phone (it wasn’t exciting). We managed to drive very slowly until we reached some petrol station, where we were able to get something to eat and booked rooms in this motel I am writing from.

It is now 3:03am and my mum and brothers are still waiting for the mechanic who left Kampala at 11:33pm.

Anyway, this is how I ushered in the New Year.
How did you usher yours in??




  1. Happy New Year Liz!.. Phew What a way to start the year..
    I ushered my in at Watoto Church downtown. It was exciting..
    As for the unexciting fireworks video… Loll… Atlesst she tried to bring fireworks to you. Cut her some slack. Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Random ? More like painful..
    But your here & you came up with this awesome post from all of it
    So it’s safe to say, life gave you lemons and you sold those babies and bought you some real good writing
    Happy New Year Luvliz

    Liked by 1 person

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