Happy New Year!.

Happy New Year everyone.


How did you usher in the New Year?..

To usher in the year,  I went to Watoto Church Downtown for All Night Sing. It is basically a service the church holds every last day of the year, where we praise and worship and celebrate into the next year.
We sang throughout the night. And prayed and danced and screamed too. Lol. But mainly, we sang. It was so awesome.

I missed out on fireworks again.😟 (third time in a row). 
This time, I was inside the church building and by the time I reached the door to view, it was crowded already. Next time however, I WILL watch the fireworks.

I am thankful for how the whole year went, for both the good and the bad. Because even in every bad situation, something good comes out or most importantly, important lessons are learned.
So I am thankful for how everything went down.

I am thankful for all of you my followers who take time to read what I write here and even go ahead to like and comment. You guys keep me going.
Also, for those who somehow land on my posts in one way or the other, read them and give me feedback, thank you so much!. Looking forward to even a better 2016 with y’all.

This year on the blog I hope to:

*Add new content and ideas.

*Read and comment on other blogs more.

* Have a few guest posts.

* Feature/ Guest blog on other blogs

*Blog more consistently and often.

That’s it. I hope we are having a great time so far.

Enjoy your day!




  1. BwahahahahahhahahhahHHahHahHaahHahhah oh btw am still laughing….y am laughing z somewhere there…sumn to do wt missing fireworks fr e third tym,so u mean to say u last saw fireworks on e newyears of 2011???

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