Guest post || I am not boring!.


So it has come to my realisation that I am always on my phone, and it is affecting most people around me.
Just a few minutes ago, Nancy, (my cousin) asked me if I had a charger, and because I was busy playing candy crush on my phone, I neither heard her question clearly nor did I see the person who was asking until she tapped me and I actually realised she had actually been asking me for over 60 seconds.

I pretty much know that I am not the only victim of this smartphone vice. Everyone, I should say, is.
Because of this, my cousin says I am a very boring and quiet person (unbelievable I know) and I had to admit, I was alittle hurt, a part of my image was pinched and it hurt.
I am not boring. I am like one of the most interesting people ever (atleast according to the pop quiz I just took on google). Plus I talk all the time. Those people just need to take time and get to know me. I not only talk on phone but also to people (right Komusana?)

Anyway smartphones have spoilt physical communication for like 88% of this generation.
Here I am on my smartphone, writing about what I am doing and everyone around me is probably assuming I am texting a boy or something. Also, smartphones are not as bad and evil as these mean cousins keep insisting… I won’t go deep into the reasons because everyone knows. I am sure everyone who reads Atim’s blog uses their smartphone.

My point of this article actually isn’t about the smartphone, it’s about me being called boring and quiet which by the way isn’t true (those who don’t know me).
But why am I being called such things, because of what I am currently still doing anyway, being on my smartphone.




  1. Loll.. Luvliz. You are not boring!. Who even says you are boring. You are right, you talk alot and you are pretty much outgoing..
    But anyway, as you have said, smartphones have done a good job at destroying physical communication. And because of this, even interesting people tend to seem boring. Lolll.

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  2. Yes you talk to people..
    No your not boring your just a different kind of cool..
    Hey come and guest blog on my blog..
    I could use an assistant..
    And when are we getting you a blog?


  3. hihi komkom I prefer being a guest not a host(hosts do all e cleaning n organizing,**lots of work***)….so non blog fr m…I’ll visit yo blog as well

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