Book Review || Ford Country Stories.

Hey guys.
Finally someone gets to review a book again!.


It’s really been long since I did a book review here. And this is because it has been long since I actually read a non school related book. 
I totally failed to read any book towards the end of last year and I din’t like it.
So, I decided that this year, I will read atleast two or more books every month as long as my schedule allows me.
I will be reviewing almost every book I read I guess.

So, here is my first book this year.
I finished reading it more than two weeks ago but I just dint get around to reviewing it.
I started the new year with an old book; Ford County Stories by one of my favourite authors, John Grisham.


This book is very different from the other John Grisham books I am used to.
When I perused through it, I was tempted not to read it because I am just used to the sort of hardcore legal stuff that he writes about.
But well, if you are not open minded, you miss out on alot. So I read it.

Ford County Stories is a collection of short stories, all centered around the daily life of the people of Ford County.
Each story vividly captures the various aspects of everyday human life.

The stories in order of how they appear in the book are:

Blood Drive
Fetching Raymond
Fish Files
Micheal’s Room
Quiet Haven
Funny Boy

Blood Drive is a very hilarious story about a mercy mission by three young men that is sidetracked by human desires and weaknesses.

In Fetching Raymond, a very manipulative death row inmate has one last plea just afew hours before his execution. A plea which he believes will prove his innocence.

In Fish Files, a small town divorce attorney finally gets lucky when he hits pay dirt.

Casino is an interesting story about a brokenhearted man who blames his heart break on a casino and therefore sets out to revenge on it.

In Micheal’s Room, a litigation lawyer thought he had triumphed when he won a case that unknowing to him, caused a family so much pain and suffering.
Eight years later, his past is back to haunt him.

Quiet Haven is about a conman who pries on the rich elderly people at retirement homes inorder to benefit from their wealth.

Funny Boy is about a young man who left Clanton town for the big city because he dint feel accepted.
Sixteen years later, he is back, dying of AIDS, and the talk of the whole town.

Every story in this book has its own share of intrigue, thrill and humour.

My favourite were:

*Micheal’s Room.


*Funny Boy.

Have you read Ford County Stories before? How did you find it, which story was your favorite?

Have a lovely Sunday!.




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