Sisterhood Blog Award- Take Two.

Hey guys..
It is Liberation/NRM Day in Uganda. So we have a public holiday.Yaayy!… So I get to watch Sisters, Modern Family and have a full hair wash day on a Tuesday! (all naturals in the house put your hands up)..Lol.

Happy liberation day to my Ugandan readers.

So I was nominated for the sisterhood blog Award again!.💃💃💃


I was nominated by the always gorgeous Angel.
She blogs at
She is a fashion blogger with a very great sense of style. I mean it. Her sense of style is the bomb!.
She is one of those bloggers whose posts I am always waiting for.
She is also a blogger on YouTube.
Her channel is Angel Mbeks.
Check out her blogs. She is awesome.

Thank you Angel for nominating me.❤

The rules of this award are:

1.Display the award’s logo on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and mention them in a link that easily leads them to their own site.

3. Answer ten questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.

4. Nominate ten other bloggers and inform them about the nomination.

5. Ask them ten questions of your choice.

So let’s get to the questions:..

1. Tell us about yourself and what constitutes a perfect day to you?

I am Mercy. I am an Arsenal fan.
I am also a Jesus girl.
I like to read.
I like to write sometimes.
I am a neatness freak.
I am the hugest fan of reality TV.
I like photography, art, travelling,nature and blogging.
I am a foodie who likes to cook.
I like junk food too.
I love music.
Africa is one of the many loves of my life.
I am extremely obsessed with natural hair.

A perfect day to me is one where I wake up to a beautiful bright sunny morning, hearing laughter of my family members somewhere in the house, where I don’t have very serious commitments so I can get to do many fun stuff,
where my hair behaves itself and does exactly what I want it to do,
Where I get to spend time with my girls; talking, cooking, playing around with make up and taking loads of pictures.
A perfect day can be anyday.

2. Do you have any close friends? If yes, how do you maintain them? If no, why,?

Yes. I do have close friends.
I maintain them mainly through communication.
Communication is so important in any relationship so I make sure we communicate often, also, we spend time together whenever we can.
Also, apologising and forgiving whenever the need arises.

3. What do you do outside blogging?
Any hobbies apart from blogging?

Well, outside blogging, I am a student.
I study Law at Uganda Christian University.
Plus I am also sort-of my mum’s P.A. Loll. When I am not studying, or doing my own stuff, I am running errands for her.

Apart from blogging, I love travelling, photography, cooking, reading books, watching TV.

4. If you were given one million dollars what would you use it for?

Well, I have always thought of this, and everytime I think of what I would do with such a huge chunk of money, my parents are the first thing that come to my mind.
My parents are my heros. They sacrifice alot for my siblings and I so if I got a million dollars, I would spoil them first, get them everything they need and even what they don’t need, take them wherever they want to go. Etc.

Then,  I would invest part of it in a business.
After all, what’s the point in getting a million dollars if you won’t have something productive grow out of it and even multiply it?..

I would also do something nice for disadvantaged people. There are lots of disadvantaged people in Africa. It is so heartbreaking to see all the suffering some people go through.
It would be nice to do something that would bring joy and happiness to them. Probably make a donation or something.

I also won’t forget my tithe. Through giving, we receive more.

I would then spend the rest of the money on myself, friends and my siblings.

5. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is simple but smart and comfortable.
To me, less is more so the less dramatic my outfit looks, the more sophisticated I think I look. So I avoid dramatic clothes.
I am not into very bright colours so I try to incoporate the cooler shades into my look.
I am a girly girl, so 98% of my clothes are girly.
However, my wardrobe is filled with black, white, grey and then afew colours here and there.
I do prefer dressing officially to dressing casual. Luckily for me, I do a course that requires me to dress officially and since I study for eight months a year, I can get away with dressing officially 80% of the year.
Blazers are my besties, I wear them with almost everything.
I love heels too.
For casual clothes, I love dresses, jeans, tops..
Jewellry and a handbag or a purse (mostly a handbag) are a must for me. I don’t feel dressed without them.

6. Can you tell me about your blog and what inspired you to start it?
Any challenges? Where do you see your blog in the next five years.
Any advice for upcoming bloggers?

Atim’s thoughts is a lifestyle blog.
I write about events that I attend, DIY’s, I do outfit posts sometimes, I review books sometimes, I write about fashion sometimes, I also write about natural hair every once in a while, sometimes I rant, haha, I wrote a short story once, I write spiritual stuff sometimes, inspiration can be found here aswell.
Alittle bit of everything goes on around here.
As long as I am inspired to write about something, I will write about it.
Prior to starting this blog, I knew nothing about blogging.
I got introduced to the world of wordpress through a friend who sent me a very interesting short story called Finding Hubby from Tunde Leye’s blog. (You should totally read it).
So after reading finding hubby, I decided to check out more of his work, which led me to WordPress and subsequently to various other blogs and I started to like the whole idea of blogging. Plus, I have always liked writing so I decided to start a blog of my own.
That’s how Atim’s Thoughts came about.

Challenges… Wow I had a ton of them!.
My blog was a mess at first. Let’s say I didnot really have a sense of direction. Hahah.
I started from blogger then shifted to WordPress.
I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted my blog to be about, so I kept writing a bunch of random stuff.
My posts were really tacky back then.
However, with time, I became better than I was, and I am still learning and getting better.

In the next five years, I hope to be way better than I am today.
I hope to have my blog grow and inspire people through it.

For upcoming bloggers, (I am still an upcoming blogger too) believe in yourself, be open to change, keep learning from other bloggers. There’s always something to learn.

7. What is your biggest fear?

I have two biggest fears: Death of loved ones and Failure..

8. What would you change about yourself if you could?.

Well well well,  if you had asked me this 10 years ago, you would have one long list of answers.😁
But I grew up, in many ways than one. And with growth, came this beautiful thing called acceptance.
I learned to accept my self, flawed as I am.
There is nothing about me that I would change.

9. For what in your life are you most grateful?

I am most grateful for family. They are my anchor, my strength,  my joy, my everything.
I am grateful for friends. I am blessed with the best of them. I don’t deserve them.
I am grateful for salvation.
Salvation has given me unexplainable peace, joy, fulfillment, direction, freedom, hope and alot more I can’t explain.

10. Any last words for us (feel free).

Always believe in yourself and in everything you do, be the best you can be.

And a little picture Qoute for you…


That’s all for this post. I really did enjoy answering these questions..

I have nominated every female blogger who wishes to participate in this.

The questions are:

1. What are your must haves in your handbag?

2. Describe yourself in five words.

3. Any guilty pleasures?

4. Religion or spirituality?

5. What is your favourite music genre?

Looking forward to reading your answers!

Have a lovely week guys.





  1. Oh boy….love love your answers so inspiring,don’t know where to start.

    -Law?! That is huge gal… now my search for a family lawyer is over lol.
    Great that you remembered about giving tithe lol…some people can be tempted and do not give it. Giving to charity is such a thoughful act in our Africa today.
    -your perfect day is a good one lol.
    -Your family must be fun huh!
    -oh by the way am also an arsenal fun…we go we gooooo….hip hip hoorayyyyy hahahah
    -indeed communication in every relationship is key..i have seen it work magic for me.
    -girly style…hmmm love that.
    -thanks for the advice.
    Thanks for your response dear.


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