Monthly Favourites || January.

Hey everyone…
Happy new month!
I had this post all prepped and ready to be posted yesterady.
I finished everything, clicked the publish button and then my phone crashed. Meaning I had to restore factory settings, meaning all my data disappeared. Everything!.
I was too shocked and amused to be sad. Lol.
I had to retype this today.

Anyway lets get to the real bussiness..

Welcome to this episode of my monthly favourites.

For those who are new to my blog, in these posts, I get to share what stuff were my favourites for the month.

Lets begin.

Uganda Presidential Debate 2016.


For the first time ever in the political history of Uganda, presidential candidates tussled it out in a live televised debate where each candidate was expected to lay out their plans focussing on economic development and governance.
As expected, the debate garnered worldwide attention from several media houses.
Everyone (I guess) was eager to watch “the old man with the hat” (H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni) tussle it out with his much younger opponents.
Weeks before the debate, every candidate was boasting about their readiness.
On the D-day, as predictable as it was, “the old man with the hat” didnot show up.
His reason was that he had better things to do than attend debates.
Anyway, the debate had to go on without him, and it showed me that Uganda can live without our old man.


The debate was characterized with drama form the likes of Mabirizi. You see I have been here trying to write about his drama but I just kent.
Someone on Twitter said that he we to the debate expecting to find “is water better than fire”, “is village life better than town life” kind of questions.
His answers were simply interesting.
Then there was Amama Mbabazi who kept dodging questions and he looked bored to death the whole time.
Baryamureba foccused on the education sector. I don’t remember much of his performance.
Kyalya chose to formulate her own questions and for some reason she emphasised her being a woman and being from the east. I dint see the relevance but anyway.
Abed Bwanika and General Biraaro were my best debators.
If the presidency depended upon who aced the debate, Abed Bwanika would be president.
That was the debate for me.

Oh, not forgetting how on fire twitter was that night. I had fun.

Words of Hope Bible Guide.


My mum got this for me at the beginning of the month.
There are four guides for the whole year, published in three months intervals.
So this one is from January to March.
The theme for these three months is Knowing Christ. It is the first time I am using this guide. I find it better than the previous one I have been using so I will stick to it.
I like it so much because I find the style in which the commentary is written relatable.

WattPad App.

I downloaded this app in December but I just started using it this year.
It is a writing community where users are able to submit their stories.
This gives people (undiscovered writers, published writers, new writers, etc) a platform to make their work available to a bigger audience.
I joined this community mainly to read the stories because I don’t write stories.
So far, I like it.



So I have had my hair out for six weeks.
Once upon a time, I never wore my hair out for even two days. This is new to me and I like it.

On Reading:.

I concluded reading Take The Risk by Ben Carson a few days ago.


My friend Luke insists that it is just another self help book.
I insist that it is another inspiring Ben Carson story.

I re read Finding Hubby by Tunde Leye for the third time. What can I say, it is an interesting and hilarious story.

This month, I hope to read Serenades. It is a collection of poetry written by my friend Luke Kasakya. I hope to review it when I am done.

On Music:

First of all, I need new music.

I have been listening to Hillsong’s No Other Name album again and again and again.


I like Aawww by Di’ja. I have been listening to it alot.

It is official. Everything Olamide sings about intrigues me.
The language he uses makes the songs sound so good.

On Tv and Movies.

I watched just one movie in January. Sisters which I watched afew days ago.

I have also been watching The Good Wife throughout the month.

Jillian Michael’s reality show; Just Jillian premiered yesterday on E and I liked it. I am sure I will be getting hooked on that since I love Jillian Micheals ever since I started watching biggest loser.

On Best buys:

Mac RealPen Eyeliner (Liquid) and Mac Eye/Lip Liner Pencil.



I really love these eyeliners. Especially the liquid one which I use for my upper eyelids.
I got this from Omulangira Jewellry Shop on Nakasero Complex at really affordable prices.
Everything sold there is cheaper than those at other places I have been to. So if you are around Kampala and you need anything “girl related” you could check it out.

Flower Crown.

Finally someone owns a flower crown!.


I got this at the beginning of the month but I have not yet had the opportunity to use it because I havent yet wore my hair in styles that require a flower crown.
Despite that, it is still one of my favourite things.
Even just looking at it makes me happy. Lol.
I also got it at Omulangira Jewellry Shop.

Organics Olive Oil Deep Conditioner by Africa’s Best.


This deep conditioner has been really good.
I have been using it since the month began.
It is really affordable, a great moisturiser, makes my detangling so easy, and my curls literally pop when I use it.
Plus it smells like heaven..
You can get this from any shop at Gazaland if you are around Kampala.

So, those are my favourite things for the month.

Signed up for Afoma’s newsletter on Saturday. This girl is awesome.
I follow her blog, but I had never known she has a newsletter.

Reading every article in Afoma’s newsletter whenever I get the chance to. I repeat, this girl is awesome!.

Contemplating on which colour to dye the tips of my hair when the time comes. (Maroon, plum or dark brown).

Liking how entertaining my Twitter timeline has been this past month, and finding new blogs through Twitter.

Thinking about starting an active natural hair segment on my blog.

Watching The Good Wife.

Drinking alot of lemon tea lately.

Anticipating Uganda Presidential Debate Part 2.

Learning more about photography and cameras.

Snacking on Gweke (maize cons). It is a brand called Urban Gweke.


This is honestly the best thing that happend to the Gweke family yet.

Craving a rolex from my favourite Rolex guy.

Reminding myself constantly that it is not, has never and will never be about me. It is always about God.

In love with my Message Bible App.


Excited about studying Clinical Legal Education (Hello Komusana).

Thankful that January ended without major setbacks for me.

Awaiting February and all the good stuff it comes with.

What were your favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments section.

Have a great day!.




  1. Omg I am so sorry, I have just seen this comment today!!😱😱😱.
    Oh yeah, I lloovvee Nigerian music.
    But Olamide’s music in that intriguing language he uses just makes me happy. Loll.


  2. Just discovered this blog a couple of hours ago, and I have read and binge read some more. To the point; epic turn of events as we near the end of this month. Hoping and looking forward to a better Uganda. Also, keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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