Something Old, Something New.

Time Check: 2:31AM.

I haven’t slept a bit and for some reason, I feel extremely energetic at this odd hour!!.. Loll. So I have transferred this energy to writing this post..

Hey everyone, how’s your week been?
Mine has been great!; good times, good times, though extremely unproductive on my part.
I spent the week doing everything else, except being productive.
Anyhow, life goes on.

On to the post now…

The beauty of having a lifestyle blog is that you have the liberty of blogging about almost anything under the sun..

So here I am, introducing something new to my blog. Whoop whoop.


In the light of adding new content, I decided to introduce natural hair posts here every once in a while. *drumrolls*..

I already have a natural hair category on my blog (Natural and Proud) where I wrote just two posts back in my tacky days, then I abandoned it. Loll.
So I am just reviving that category.


I am so pumped about this!.
This post really took a long time coming.
I have always wanted to write about natural hair but many silly trivial things stopped me..
Today, I just decided to get it done already and I am glad that I finally gathered the courage to begin blogging about this. (Yes Isaac, this post is finally up. Now buy me my smoothie and juice. *pronounced juwiss*). Thank you! :-D.

Stretched with African Threading.

My major reason for doing this is:

I do a lot of research about natural hair but I find it so hard to find information written by Uganda based bloggers.
Now before you wonder whether it is really necessary that I get information from Uganda based bloggers in particular, let me explain…
I follow many amazing natural hair bloggers from various parts of the world both on WordPress and YouTube and much as the information I get from them is applicable and useful because the practices don’t change according to the country you live in, the problem arises when it comes to products and where to get them, how affordable they are, where to get the affordable ones from, which saloons one can do their hair from, natural hair events, etc..
It is just hard to find and know things over here, honestly.
A newbie in these things will have a tough time finding easily available information that is applicable to them in Uganda.

Bantu knots.

So after spending many months  walking all over Kampala, making many mistakes, spending a lot of money on stuff I din’t need or stuff that I would have found otherwise cheaply if I had known where exactly to get them from, I decided I should write about what I have learned so far, so that probably someone else wouldn’t have to go through the same drama and hustle.

The only Ugandan natural hair blogs I know are,,
Karen also blogs about natural hair every once in a while at
There is also a group on Facebook called The Fablane Natural Hair but if you are like me who never uses facebook, it is not so helpful.
I know there are other Uganda based bloggers out there but I just haven’t found them.
So if you know any, please mention at the comments section.
I like finding and connecting with people with similar interests.

The other reasons I decided to write about hair are:.

Twist outs.

Obviously I am so interested in natural hair.
What better thing to write about except something you are passionate about?..
And, lately a few people have been asking me questions about my hair, what I do to it, how I maintain it, where I do it from. Etc
So, instead of having to explain the same things to different people over and over again, it would be easier to just give them a link to a post I wrote and then they can read and even understand better.

Also, I follow many awesome natural hair bloggers and I totally love what they do. Their work inspires me.
And it is through the documentation of their hair journeys that I started my own journey to healthy hair.
So I decided to document mine too.


My natural hair posts are mainly going to be about DIYs, how to maintain hair when on a budget, where to easily access affordable products from and just my hair experiences.
So, welcome to my hair journey. I hope we will have fun.

That’s it for the post.

Okay bye..
Someone needs to sleep now.

Have a good night and a great Sunday!..




    • Aaaww. Thanks alot.
      Yes you should!. I am looking foward to reading yours too.
      Oh by the way, i have alwsys wanted to comment on your posts, they are so beautiful and inspiring, but for some reason, your posts usually have only the like button, i dont know whether it is just my phone, or you intend for your posts to be that way…


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