I am Already Taken!.

Hello everyone, how are we doing?

So I started reading “Serenades” by Luke Kasyaka.

It is a collection of poetry,mainly serenades, and so far, I like it. I can’t wait to review it when I am done.

However, just to give you a feel of what the book is like, I have decided to publish a few poems here as I keep reading the book.

So here’s the first one.

    I Am Already Taken.

Source: Google images.

Her words were quite what Electra
In her day and age, would never say
I am already taken,
I am to somebody else what you seek to be to me,
A Lover.

Stupid Cupid,
He never aimed right,
And so I had to wait,
And wait I did.
But time waits for no man
Thus, the year walked its walk
And thusly came it to an end.

As I sat in wait, I thought of the Serenades
I would sing to this thorny lily in the night,
Beneath the midnight stars.

I thought to sing to her of her beauty,
Of how I would build her a manor
High up on the sun,
And draw the moon and stars closer for light

I thought to rant
Of how I would weave her garlands
And gowns so bright and golden
From the sun dust or silk thread.

I thought to say
How I would set her on a pedestal of her own,
Separate from the rest of them all
And have the world gaze upon her with adorat
For in my eyes she bore wings
And she compared to none.

Reminds me of a story
Of a man that went upon his knees,
Before the lady of his fancy
And proclaimed:

For your love dearest, I would do all you bid.
Just but ask and to you the world shall belong.

Upon which she replied:

Pick me but a hundred stars,
In a basket or bag, I don’t care
Ride a thousand days and nights
Till darkness falls upon all hearts:

Build me a palace on the moon,
A place I will call casa de la nostalgia
So light by the stars alone,
And not the sun;

Gather me all the gems in the world
And drain me but one sea or ocean
And as the bards of old sang,
Sing me a song sweeter than all songs sung by birds
And to you,
I shall belong.

And he went,
He that was on his knees;
Cursing love and the creator,
Never to return
For the fates decried his love.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great night!.

PS:.. I wish I were gifted in writing poetry..:-(.




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