Chit Chat: Let’s talk Hair || My Story.

I have been off school since Tuesday courtesy of the national elections due today.
But that’s just as good as it gets.
I have a whole load of assignments due for next week so I still have no holiday. I am just thankful that I can do those assigments without the extra load of lectures and all.
I hope we are all fine though.

Okay… Let’s get to the gist.

Today we are having a chit chat about my hair story. I hope you enjoy it.


I grew my hair throughout childhood and I wore it natural all that time.
Surprisingly, my hair was so beautiful, long and thick when I was younger ( my mum says all she used on our hair was Morgan’s Hair Pomade, so I don’t know why it looked that good).
Anyway, I cut it off as I was joining secondary school because most of the secondary schools in Uganda require girls to cut off their hair..
So I braided my hair only during holidays, and then cut it off as soon as school started.


In December 2012, I finished secondary school and started growing my hair out again.
However I made a lot of mistakes like applying excessive heat, over manipulation, etc.
I ended up with discoloured, weak, damaged hair.
At some point, I literally had no hair on my edges.
I always thought my hair was “just like that” so it did not bother me so much.


In 2015, through wordpress, I discovered very awesome natural hair blogs, which led me to discover even natural hair blogs on YouTube and when I got to know that natural hair could be beautiful despite the kind of hair you think you have.
I was in awe and disbelief of how beautiful, versatile natural hair could be.


Still, a part of me never ever believed that my hair would look half as beautiful as the hair I saw on these blogs, because my hair was in terrible shape back then.
Anyway, with time, I learned about these amazing stuff and since then, I have fallen in love with natural hair.


The first natural hair blog that caught my attention because I totally relate to it was
By then it was hosted by only Nafisah but now she has a co-blogger.
I love her hair, it’s insane.
What I love most is the simplicity with which she manages it.
For now, I am a student on a budget obviously so I can’t be spending anyhow on my hair products and stuff.
So blogs that show me how to keep my hair looking good on an affordable budget are my go-to blogs.
Nafisah does just that, and she has banging hair. Totally!.
So, after about a week of going through Nafisah’s work, we linked up on Twitter, and I had the liberty of asking her everything I wanted concerning my hair.
And it’s from there that my hair journey began.


On 6th July, I took down my bob box braids, trimmed a whole two and a half inches of my hair, had my first everything with regards to natural hair (wash day, deep condition, detangle, trim, protein treatment etc). Lol. Ofcourse I was excited.
I even did Crotchet Braids about two weeks later. Lol. Excitement much!


Then I discovered more blogs I have fallen in love with too. this blog, I love for the same reasons I love Nafisah’s blog.
She maintains her hair on a budget I find affordable. And she has lovely hair.
Her twist out wash and go is amazing!

2. this is hosted by Ella. In my opinion, she is the queen of DIYs.
I am big on DIYs so I totally love her blog. She plaits her own hair and it turns out so so neat and amazing. #goals.

3. one look at her hair, and I clicked the follow button straight away. She has hhhaaiirrr, which she styles really well, which is why I love her blog.
She even creates her own styles,..
When my hair gets longer, her styles will come in handy.

This blog is hosted by two best friends. They have really helpful information, and of course beautiful hair.

There are many other blogs I follow and totally love, but these are the first blogs I discovered that’s why I have written about them.


On YouTube, my favorite blogs are:

Judiths Natural Hair.

4C Hair Chic

Fusion of cultures


West African Baby.

Here is a little about my hair:..

* I have thin, coarse strands.

* My hair has a tightly coiled, kinky pattern on the front and middle, and loosely coiled pattern at the back.

* When not fully stretched, my hair is neck length.


* My hair can ssshhrriinnkkk!.
100% shrinkage. Whether it gets in contact with water or not.
Like I said, my hair is almost passed neck length but a lot of people have a hard time believing that because even I stretch it, all I need to do is touch it and we are back to shrinkage. However, since I prefer short hair to long hair, I have no problem with it.

* My hair is very sturbbon. It does whatever it wants especially with styling. Thank God for scarfs, bobby pins, bantu knots, puffs, red lipstick and Confidence..these are my life savers on bad hair days.


*I have both low density and low porosity hair. It is thin and sparse, and I literally force water to get into it, and after that, it is dry in a very short time.

*My hair is really soft despite its very kinky nature.


Okay that’s all for now, someone needs to go do assignments.

Next hair post coming up soon.

For my Ugadan friends, I wish us peacful elections!.
Let’s go and vote..

Have a great day!.




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