Dear self || As you get into March..

Dear Self, (and you too), February has come to an end!. Whatever it was like for you, it is time to move on and face March with more positive energy than you did February.


So, as you get into March…

Purpose to do things better than you did. Everyday, you should try to be a better person than you were the day before. Learn from all experiences; good and bad, yours or for others. There are always lessons, you just need to pay alittle more attention and look close enough.
Push your self alittle more because just alittle push, one extra minute, extra hour goes along way.

Be deliberate in doing things. Read deliberately, be happy deliberately, laugh deliberately, workout deliberately, focuss deliberately,love people deliberaty, you will thank yourself later.

Dare to love yourself more. Make a conscious effort to love yourself everyday, all the time. This is not selfish or vain.
Remember that you really need to love yourself to get anything done.
Thank yourself, respect yourself, look good, smell nice, be clean and neat, drink alot of water and smile. A genuine smile is very contagious, infectious, and it heals souls even without you knowing or trying, plus you look so much better when you smile, try it!.


Focuss on the important. Revise your priorities. Remember, the good book says that not everything that is good is beneficial. Beware of the things you consider “urgent”. Sometimes they are urgent, yes, but not important, because not everything that is urgent is important.
Beware of becomimg a victim of the tyranny of the urgent.

Live every moment, girl!. Go have that girl time you have been wanting to have with your girls, have a weekend of food, noise, chit- chat, photography, music, movies, have that alone time with just yourself, that private time with God, go try out the things you have been putting aside, go dancing!, keep that phone away whenever you have to, be present whenever you have to be…because the present is the present, it will not come back once it is gone.

Dear self…



And, oh, face each day like a WINNER!..

Happy New month!.




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