Liebster Award.

I was nominated for the Leibster Award.


I was nominated by Esteri of . Thank you for nominating me!.

I will dive right in to answering her questions:.

1. Black or White?

Black. It is a very strong, classy, timeless and neutral colour. Plus, it looks good on everyone.

2. Tea or Coffee?

Tea. Anyday, everyday. Well spiced and don’t forget to add some lemon juice to it.

3. Rain or Sun?

Sun. I am all for bright mornings, brighter afternoons, clear blue skies, light clothing and all the good good stuff that come with the sun.

4. Cooking or doing laundry.

Cooking please. Not that I hate doing laundry, but no house chore beats cooking in my opinion.. The process of creating a meal from scratch, playing with flavours to creqte your own taste, the sweet aroma, etc etc. What’s not to love about that.

5. Icecream or Youghurt

Icecream. It comes with way more many flavours than youghurt, and it can be played around with to come up with a totally unique flavour or in some places you can choose what you want you icecream to have, to suit your taste. I havent yet been to places where I can do that with my youghurt. (If the places exist).

6. Read or write?

Reading!. Yes I love writing but most times I prefer looking at things through other people’s lens.

7. Water or air?
Uuhh.. Tough one. Both are important. Let’s go with air. I dont know why exactly I prefer it. I just thought, and I feel I would prefer air.

8. What are you most afraid of?
 Death of loved ones and failure.

9. Happiness or success

Happiness. Happiness is fulfillment.

10. Favourite post on my blog? Why?

Just one?.. I have like three, so I will bend the rules alittle.😁

1. A celebration of love, because of the story!. Meeting in form one, continuing together through all the years, and then getting married is a great love story in my opinion. And I am not forgetting the pretty bridesmaids dresses😁 Plus I loved the random pose of the groom and groomsmen. Lovely.

2. Gym aftermath, becuause you absolutely preached to the choir there.
I totally relate to the work out aftermath😂😂. There is a time abs exercise cost me my laughter for a day. I couldnt laugh because my stomach hurt everytime I did.

3. Struggles of a full figured woman, because I got reminded about how powerful and life changing self love and acceptance can be.

Rules of the award.

1. Nominate 10 other bloggers and announce the nomination.

2. They should have less than 3,000 followers.

2. Ask them 10 questions

My nominees.







Their questions:

1. Music or movies?

2. Domestic animals or wild animals?

3. Boarding school or day school?

4. Talking or listening?

5.  Any guilty pleasures?

6. What do you think of my blog?

7. One misconception about you?

8.  Soccer or basketball?

9. Pets or no pets?

10. Favourite post on my blog? Why?.

Looking foward to reading your answers.

Enjoy the weekend.




  1. Hehe Itesot, ama take you to a yoghurt place where you can do all sorts of things to your yogurt..

    Did you know? I really love your dedication to reading..

    Also you did an abs Work out?
    Girrrrl ever heard of leaving issues of the generals to the generals?

    I loved reading this.. It was epically hilarious (I could almost hear your voice answering the questions

    Liked by 1 person

    • Komusana, ama keep the yoghurt exploring thingy as a promise!..
      About my dedication to reading, no I dint know you loved it, now I know.. thanks boo.
      Heheh about the abs thing, I left it to the generals a long time ago.. hahaha. Thanks for reading, thanks for the compliments..

      Liked by 1 person

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