Let’s Talk Hair || Maintaining My Hair While in Wool Twists.

I have had wool twists in for about two weeks now.
This is a post about how I maintain my hair while in wool twists..
Or more generally, how I maintain my hair while in any form of extensions, not just wool twists.


Most of us (me inclusive) tend to get lazy and neglect our hair when we have extensions in. When we get them out, we tend to get disappointed because we expected to retain some length, but we know there is only so much length we can retain when we neglect our hair.
For me, protective styling with extensions is all about maximising on length retention. Much as I am a lazy natural, I try to do what I can to retain enough length when I protective style.

I find this routine very effective for me, ever since I started doing it last year, I retain a good amount of length while protective styling with extensions.


There’s nothing really much to it as I don’t wash or deep condition while doing protective styling with extensions because the first time I did that, my hair was one tangled mess on unplaiting and it gave me so much hard time detangling and in the process, it even broke.
So I decided to stay away from that.

Here’s my routine..

Whenever I have my hair in extensions, I prefer not to have it tied up in a ponytail or bun or any other complicated style because I need to have easy access to my scalp.
I only keep it tied up for a week or so immediately after plaiting so that the pain and tightness can go and then I remove it and leave it loose.

A day after plaiting. Hair was so tight that even that smile was a painful one!.

Day Routine..

Almost every two days, or whenever I am not lazy, I do the LOC method, which is basically liquid, oil and Cream.

Almost the whole gang... I am not a product junkie..

My liquid is water. Sometimes it is plain water, however, most times it mixed with a leave in conditioner.

Now that's not an actual spritz bottle but it works...

The Oil(s) are virgin hair fertilizer or coconut oil, or olive oil, or amla oil, or castor oil depending on how I feel. Though I use Virgin Hair Fertilizer more regularly.


Then my cream is Shea butter.


So, I  spritz my scalp with a mixture of water and my organics cholesterol tea tree oil leave in conditioner, then I apply any of my oils to my finger tips and then massage into my scalp.
Then I follow with Shea butter which I also apply on my finger tips and massage into my scalp. Then I apply some virgin hair fertilizer to my edges.
And then I style as desired. Thats all for my day routine. It usually takes me about five minutes to do this so it is “school morning” and time friendly.


Night Routine..

My night routine is much easier. As soon as I get back from class, regardless of what time it is, I tie the hair up in a loose pony tail, mindful about my edges. Since I am on a grow my edges mission, I spritz some water my edges and massage them once more with Virgin Hair Fertilizer. Then I wear my hair net or tie my scarf and that’s all.

Once a month..

Once a month, I clean my scalp by spritzing it with warm water and then cleaning with a face towel instead of washing it. After that, I apply Organics Olive oil Deep conditioner and then follow up with Olive oil.


That’s my routine. Whenever I protective style with extensions, I keep I keep them in for about or exactly two months.


1. I do scalp massages and hot oil treatments as much as I can.

2. I do the inversion method for a week each of the two months.

3. I am Kinda of have phobia for dry hair. Lol. So I just spritz my hair with water anytime I am near water because I keep assuming my hair is so dry.


1. Is it just me or do these wool twists actually drain moisture from hair?..
Despite my daily moisturizing, I still notice excessive drying..
Does your hair dry too? How do you handle it?

2. Funny Fact:.. I signed up to snapchat just so I would have pictures with words on them, otherwise, I don’t even know how to use snapchat!. Lolll.

What’s your routine like when protective styling with extensions?, how long do your extensions stay in, have you plaited wool twists before?
Lets share! I would like to know!.




  1. Great post I’m wearing box braids right now and all I do I spritz it with some water and oil…I tend to be very low manipulative with my hair ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely hair and nice tips. I think you should ditch any hair stylist that make your hair so tight.. You’ll end up losing hair on your edges. I currently have a ps on and it didnt hurt although i have sensitive scalp and one has to be very careful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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