Monthly Favourites, Updates and Stuff || March.

I am happy right now. It is Friday, 10:00pm and I am sitted somewhere, listening to my school’s very best in poetry and spoken word do their thing. Oh. And my very own multi talented spoken word artiste friend has nailed it totally, as always..


I am seated with my friends, you know how it goes down when you sit with friends at these events. I am laughing and screaming my head off. There is free Wi-Fi and we have a hashtag for the event. So twitter, Wi-Fi and I are having a blast!..
My people, it is a Friday night, I am attending the UCU Grand Azania, and I am a happy child..


How are you doing?, How was your Easter break? Mine was okay and normal I guess.
The most exciting part is that March finally comes to an end too. How cool is that!?.
Happy New Month!. May it turn out exactly as you have planned it to.

Here’s an update, favourites and random stuff about March.

Komusana said her plan for March was to sit still, learn and listen. I took up on her advise and I did that quite often this month. I am learning to be comfortable in my silence and listen for that still small voice.
In that still small voice and moment of quiet, I find peace, encouragement, motivation, joy.

I had one of those anha moments this month!. If you know me, you know that I am huge on positivity and believing I can do whatever I want to as long as I set my mind to it. I am very quick to keep all toxic things, thoughts, people very far from me.  However, a few events led to this anha moment where I realised there are some ways I am being my own poison, through my thoughts mostly. I was my own toxic substance and a detoxication was much needed.

Some time during the month, someone told me to “…Step out of the shadows and take charge. Your life is going through a most interesting twist…”. It was a real encouraging conversation this one, and since then, I am learning not to limit myself with stuff. Learning to go full on, dream bigger and actually believe I can achieve that, do more, be more, do whatever I do with a drive and passion.

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone quite alot lately.


Sacrificing some things, fore-going others and trying to be more productive than I usually am.

Somehow, I did not accomplish most of the things I had set out to accomplish this month. Things took a twist, a few things became more important than others, so some had to take the back seat as I focussed on other stuff.

I learned that I am not cut out for pressure. You know, in the light of toning down on my “over planning” character, I decided to take up the motto “chill, it’s not that serious”. Lol. One-day, I almost got a panic attack when it was two days to deadline to submit work and I didn’t have anything because I was not “taking it too serious”. Usually, by two days to deadline, I am done, or left with just final touches.
Thank God, I had work by the deadline. The pressure however wasn’t pretty so I will stick to my planning.

This month had me chanting mantras all over the place. Especially during the “deadline incident”.😁😁. Those things actually work.

I fell in love with Grey’s Anatomy. This is funny because just last month, I said I couldn’t get through the first episode. Well, one day I decided to watch it, and then I couldn’t stop. Then I fell in love. I got obsessed then the Shonda Rhimes thing happened – The major characters started dying and leaving the serie. Loll.
In the first three seasons, I  became so attached to the character Dr Burke, that when he left in season 3, I was so heart broken you would think I were actually Christina Yang.. Loll and then I stopped watching the serie for about two days because all the scenes I enjoyed watching involved Dr Burke.. Lol. Anyway, I watched it again until season five when Dr. O’Malley dies just so suddenly. I went to google and read all reviews of the remaining seasons and I decided I should not watch it anymore because almost everyone who starts the serie dies or leaves. And honestly, I get attached to characters, so I saw lots of heartbreaks ahead and decided not to even go there. However, it was great while it lasted.

My book junkie-ism got the better part of me this month.


I hoarded so many books that I have so much to read that I failed to read any because I dint know what to read first. Anyway, talking about books, I  got Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie….dream come true!. Let the exams thingy get done, and I shall figure out where to start.

On buys, I dint buy anything this month. I just got a few random, unexpected presents here and there and that was it. The brokeness thing is so real that this morning, my mum told me if I want money from her, I had to send her voice notes of a few tongue twisters said correctly. Lol. Atim obediently did it. The brokeness thing is real.

Lately, I have been taking random pictures all over the place without any inspiration whatsoever.


I just see something and decide that I should take a picture of it, and bham picture taken!.. Here are a few:




I am still rocking my wool twists.


I terribly miss my hair, but I am determined to make atleast six weeks because my mum paid for me to get these, so she won’t be hearing nonsense of me wanting to take them out after a month.

I did it for the gram quite often this month. Loll.


This is on my list of updates because I am such a lazy social media user especially with posting pictures, so it is news.
Oh by the way, my user name is Atim Mercy. Let’s connect.

Tweeting, tweeting, tweeting. I have a hashtag, free Wi-Fi and a full battery!.

Laughing at everything. Because when one thing really genuinely excites me, I kinda laugh at everything else thereafter…

Reading a tone of (school) books. I have exams in two weeks.

Watching uhh… Nothing. I was watching Grey’s Anatomy but now I am watching nothing.

Wondering why I never hear about natural hair events in Uganda until they have happened. Imagine my disappointment when I had to know about kurlsandkinks event by looking at instagram pictures two days after the event.

Researching about cameras. I am getting one soon!.

Missing my Fro. I really want my hair back but when your mum paid for you to do it, you don’t undo it just because you want to… You garra leave it in for a reasonable amount of time. loll.

Thinking about a few ways to revamp my blog.

Thankful that the semester is coming to an end. The finishing law school dream is getting clearer. As of 21st April, it will be one more year to go!!.

Hating that to a greater extent, law school dictates how I live.

Marvelling at God’s grace, love, mercy, favour. He is an awesome God.

Hoping to get a good internship place.

Looking forward to attending quite a number of weddings this holiday.

That was March for me. Very Random!.

How was your month, what happened? Share at the comments section. I would like to know.

Let’s also connect on other social media platforms..

Instagram : Atim Mercy.
Twitter :@esther_atim.

Have a goodnight!.

PS:… Just a really random thought…
How cute is Richard Mofe Damijo.


He is one of those people who give the phrase “AGEING GRACEFULLY” it’s real meaning!. 😁😁😁.


Okay, I am back to Azania. Have a goodnight.




  1. Atim Atim
    Your monthly updates get me every time..
    Thank you for the shout out
    Now onto the serious business..
    You can’t give up on Grey’s anatomy
    Why? Because its the best series ever written. All jokes aside..
    I wanna be a book junkie for a living when I grow up..
    And about the non planning am glad you decided to leave issues of the generals to the generals a.k.a me 😊
    But hey we enjoyed having you while it lasted..
    I love you for writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My Kom Kom… For Grey’s Anatomy, I left issues of the generals to the generals. (You being their commander in chief).
      Book junkie… I can’t wait for the day you will be a book junkie…
      I oh so love you for reading!…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I now know y Mercy and I are friends,atleast why there was always a part of me that kept on telling me that we could connect..The reason has finally unleashed itself…it’s because of Greys Anatomy,u fell in love with all my favorite characters and equally felt attached and lost when they left the show… that my friend,makes me feel like we’re bonding spiritually… but please go on, don’t u want to know what happened to Seattle Grace hospital and all the remaining hot steamy doctors?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Are you for real?!!. The same characters!… Now this is really spiritual bonding my darling…😁.
      About continuing, uuh, uuh. I read all the reviews, and I see heartbreaks ahead for me..😂😂. I don’t think I wanna continue..
      Anyway, recommend for me another great serie… Without vampires and all that supernatural stuff


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