Help Caroline Atuhirwe.

Hey everyone, I hope we are all having a good day.
Today, a friend of mine shared this picture on a whatsapp group I am on.


I was so touched by the very short story on the picture and I felt compelled to put the request here just incase someone who could be of help could see it here.

Caroline Atuhirwe has had cancer for 8 years. She has had throat cancer for 5 years, and lung cancer for 3 years.
I cannot begin to imagine the pain she had had to go through physically, psychologically, emotionally because of this..
I cannot begin to imagine the pain her family and those close to her have gone through.
All I see is a brave fighter who is still smiling after fighting cancer for 8 years.

As you have already seen from the picture, she is soliciting for financial help to enable her get an operation.
And I am requesting whoever can to contribute towards her treatment to do so to the accounts on the above picture.
Or, if you really cannot contribute financially, I believe you can just share this information with your friends or on your social media platforms. Someone you know may be able to help.
Or a stranger may bump into it and decide to help.

The blog link on the picture is wrong. The actual one is
You may have a look at it for further information on her story.

Have a great time.



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