April Update + Favourites.

Hello May!. Hello everyone!.


It is way past that time of the month when I put this kind of post up. But you know what they say, “better late than never” right?.

First of all, all the football fans in the house, are we excited about Leciester City football club becoming the new premier league champions?.


I’m excited!. I’m not a Leceister fan (Arsenal fan all the way) but it was nice watching history being made and more importantly,watching underdogs turn champions.
I literally screamed and jumped allover the place when Hazard scored that equaliser.
And, this game reminded me of these things:..
1. Never underestimate yourself. It is said that the chances of Leicester being champions was 1 to 5000!!. And here they are, champions!.
2. Never give up.
3. Keep a positive attitude and hope for the best.
4. Patience, patience, patience!.
5. Never undermine small beginnings.
6. Victory is for everyone. It’s just a matter of time. One-day, you will be a victor too.

Okay, let’s head to the post now. Shall we?

April was that month that really had it all. It was my exam month, so I did nothing fun until after exams. For the better part however, it was not so eventful.:(

First, I started my exams on 11th April. (We already know this😁). This means that I spent the better part of May and early April preparing for them.


Exams went on great guys. I’m hoping for the best when results are out.

I undid my hair (we already know this too😁).


However, it has been a different experience this time because the first thing I do whenever I take my hair out is do the whole wash day thingy, then put Bantu knots. However this time, I didn’t put Bantu knots after washing. I will put up a post on the hairstyles I have done with my hair since then.

As a cell, we had our last fellowship of the semester on 6th April.


This is usually a highlight for me every semester because we just have fun, laugh, eat and enjoy ourselves.


I made 22 on 28th April.

My grand father passed on on 28th April. It was a real sad moment because I was fond of him.

I slacked and became so lazy in alot of areas like; working out, my skin routine, my hair routine, writing, reading for leisure etc. Its almost like I lost myself somehow.


And the consequences are evident, especially with my skin, hair and writing which suffered because of my laziness.😁
Its just sad. However, I intend to use May to revamp myself so let’s hope for the best.

I have been in love with this Inspirational Bible Quotes app that I got earlier last month.


If you love quotes, ( especially inspirational christian quotes) this will be a great app for you.


Reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Yes, I’m still reading it. That’s how much I slacked.

Loving that I started working in a law firm finally.

Inspired by this whole Leceister City win. Yes. It’s this serious guys.

Thinking about installing crotchet braids very soon.

Wondering at just how dramatic life can get sometimes!.

Needing some adventure and spice in my life. Ideas, anyone? No?.

Almost cut off my hair last week. Then extraneous circumstances barred the whole plan. Now the zeal to cut it off disappeared.😁. Let’s wait for the zeal again.

Watching “The Voice Nigeria”. Funny story is, I have never been a fan of The Voice or any music show really until it was introduced in Nigeria. Now, I can’t get enough of it.
Someone should lobby for “The Voice Uganda” to be introduced over here.

On a hunt for new hair products and accessories incase someone has more than 100K UG shillings they are not using. Thank you.

Craving ebumba (clay).

Eating chapatis, chapatis,chapatis.

Reflecting on some of the decisions, choices and sacrifices I have to make in future with regards to my career.

Meditating on only good and positive.


Longing to finally finish school and get into practice for real.

Wishing I could just get a dissertation topic already. Sigh.

Missing UCU wireless. Now I have to buy my own data all the time.:(

Appreciating the fact that I work with really friendly people.

Thankful for the beautiful undeserved gift called parents.

Amazed by God’s sense of humour. Yesterday, on Focus on Africa, there was news about a six month old baby in Kenya who was rescued alive from a building that collapsed four days ago. Isn’t that just a miracle!.

Listening to Joe Praise’s music.

Playing punch hero.

I'm the guy with blue...loll

This is my latest guilty pleasure. It is the nearest I have been to practising my “boxing and wrestling” fantasy.😂

Hoping that the weather just stays as it is.

Learning how to flat lay stuff to make a great photo.

Life is beautiful. Don’t you think so too?


Currently listening to Mighty God by Joe Praise ft Soweto Choir as I type this.


That was April for me. How was it for you? I hope it was more fun and eventful than mine. Let’s share at the comments section.

Have a beautiful evening and…..





    • Aawww. Thanks for the compliment.❤.
      You know I want to join you for koikoi but you also know why I can’t.😁😁… Take loads of pictures. Don’t pull a ka “Washington” on me please.
      Like you say, I love you for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh i was also happy for Leicester… am an arsenal fun too yay. Congrats on finishing yo exams,ofcse u gonna pass with flying colors,how i miss cell and that kimere looks yummy….Oh sory about grandma RIP,can’t wait to see the hairstyles you have been rocking since you unplaited,oh and that Bible App…am go get it Asap. i miss bumba too lol. Indeed your April was Amazing.
    As for me, i did nothing much just work as usual and making youtube videos..i did not go out alot.

    Liked by 1 person

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