Let’s talk Hair || Crochet braids.

We started the other half of the year somedays ago!. Yaayy. It is almost Christmas. Loll.

Happy New month my people!. How have we been?.
I know we are lol tired of hearing me apologise for being AWOL, but I still apologise.

Okay, let’s dive right in..

I’m eeexxccciiitttteedddd!!. Whoop whoop!.
Why? I’m in love with these crochet braids!.


This is the second time I’m plaiting crochet braids on my own.
I installed them about two weeks ago. I did them on my own, and it took me about 5 hours to get completely done.

I used braids called Soft Dreadlocks.



The braids appear kind of locked when just bought, and then you have to unravel / detangle them before use.


Each locked braid consists of three curly braids when unraveled.

I used exactly three packets.
I washed and deep conditioned my hair the day before, then did cornrows in the morning and started crocheting. For the braid pattern, I did ten cornrows from the front of my head to the middle, then five at the back which I plaited by joining two braids from the front to form one at the back. I plaited them in such a way that I would part the hair at either side, but not the center.


Since there are already lots of posts and YouTube videos that explain crocheting much better than I would, I decided not to explain how I installed. (Its better understood when you watch than when you read anyway).
All you need is one YouTube video on crocheting, practise and confidence and you’ll be in the game honey.

I have gotten lots of compliments about this hair, and I even got a few people asking me whether I could plait them too (Yes, I can plait you)… Guys, I’m excited about this hair!.


Here’s a quick overview of what I think about the hair…


1. Tangle free. This is my number one reason for loving this hair. The last crochet braids I did using Noble Kinky Bulk got all tangled up even when I din’t touch them!!. Then I had to spend over 30minutes or so making sure it is well detangled or just wear my confidence hat and go out with tangled up hair.
However, with this hair, it is miraculous. Loll.


I literally bundle it up and tie it in a scarf whenever I don’t want to have it out, and when I take the scarf off, all the hair needs is a little fluffing here and there and we are good to go!.

2. Low maintenance. I don’t have to keep curling it or something because these curls don’t go nowhere.

3. Low manipulation. All I do to get this styled is fluffing, putting the braids in the right places and pinning up where I need to.


4. Affordable. I got these braids at 12,000 shillings each. I got the last braids I used to crochet at 20,000 shillings each. So, good price I guess.

5. Versatility. These braids can be styled in any way. And, they are very long, so you can keep reducing it’s length as time goes on to get a different look.


The quantity of braids in each packet is so little that you have to use more than two if you want to have it very thick. Other than that, I see nothing wrong with this hair.

Like I said, I LLLOOVVEE this hair.
I will definitely do it again and again and again…….


What do you think of these braids? Have you used them before?. Let’s share at the comments section!.

Like Komusana says, I love you for reading!.




  1. Hi Atim,

    Your hair looks very nice and suits you well. This is a very good DIY job.

    The one time that I tried to do crochet braids myself- it was a case of ‘Mission Impossible’, almost half way way my arms started to ache. I had to stop and take it out.

    A few months later, I got it done at the hair salon, using hair extensions similar to the ones that you used. It’s a good protective style.

    Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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