Alot of random with sprinkles of happy || May.

Let’s start this post with this picture. I was convinced to start loving it. Now I do.😍😍


Hey guys.. I know, I know, it’s already 16th June and someone is shamelessly but apologetically talking about May. As we have already noticed, better late than never seems to be the trend around here lately and it really sucks.

Before you even dive in, you should know that this post is very random and uncoordinated. I just feel the need to talk about May, so let’s talk.

May started on an exciting note with me starting work, which has been a real great (learning) experience. But this will be a story for another day.

However, somewhere along the way, it got abit shaky. I think I started going through a phase.
Some moments, I felt like the real me had disappeared and someone else was wearing my body. Hahah.

Source: Google Images.

I was in this constant state of lerthagy except when I was working.

I thought May would be the month where I would be able to write alot more considering I’m on holiday, but sad story, I really do have the writer’s block (or should I say blogger’s block). I have over 15 drafts sitting here because I get half way the post, and I don’t feel inspired anymore. Or I actually finish writing, but I just don’t feel like I should post it.

Source : Google Images

Even sadder story is, I sort of unconsciously zoned out from many things, especially those that involve social media (it really was not intentional). I just found that I blogged less, read and commented on people’s posts less, tweeted less, never ever checked facebook, checked YouTube just once I guess, etc. I really tried especially to read and comment on blog posts, but it just wasn’t happening.

The dissertation topic I was determined to get in May is not here yet. Loll. But I’m exercising faith and major unlooking on this one. It will come soon.😁😁

Procrastinating was the order of the day. Hours turned to days, to weeks, and then to June. Now here we are, on 14th June, talking about May.


I had moments of self doubt on almost everything I did!.
At some point, I thought I should just shut my blog. I had the “should I be doing this”, “am I doing it right” kind of moments.

Since this is supposed to be a monthly favourites post, and clearly I’m going no where with this random yadda yadda, let’s talk about the happy in May.

– The “phase” I went through enabled me learn a few more things about myself and life generally. You know once upon a time I was extremely confident I knew everything possible there was to know about myself. However, I was wrong.
It also enabled me think deeply about me, and I got closure with myself.

– My girl Sammy turned 22. And yes, we turned up!.


– I got back in touch with an old friend who used to be very close.

– Working, going out to the field, and getting practical has been a major highlight.

– Izo started blogging. Let’s go follow him on

– My hair was out the whole month, and it behaved itself without me even trying to let it behave.


– My TV sessions were filled with The Voice Nigeria.

Source : Google Images

I’m team Timi all the way!.

Source: Google Images

Oh, how I love Timi Dakolo.

– In the midst of all the random, I counted real blessings guys. God has been so good to me!.

That was May.

How are you doing? How has life been lately?




  1. Thanks to you now am all about the voice Nigeria, but sorry girl, I can’t join Timi when 2face still has a face like that..
    I can totally relate to the phase abs it’s good to have you back, maybe the 15 drafts will see the light one day..
    And the dissertation topic let’s just say, I am living in my own reality..
    I love you for writing

    Liked by 2 people

    • Loll… My dear Kom Kom Timi’s face is cuter than 2baba’s. And his voice Huny…. Ah. Heavenly.. you berra come join our team. Justsaying.
      Diseerattion will come to life someday.😂😂
      I love you for reading girl…❤

      Liked by 1 person

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