30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 1.

What would we do without friends?!. They listen to you, they laugh with and at you, they be silly with and for you, they protect you, they stand by you, they sacrifice for you, they lift you up, they turn up for you, make you feel special, they love you even when you are sure you don’t deserve it and they even get you out of “blogger’s block”.


My Kom Kom just gave me something to keep me blogging for the next thirty days, and I’m determined not to disappoint her and myself.

Together with her, I will be doing a 30 day blogging challenge.


One post everyday. This is going to be fun!..

Today’s topic is


As we all know, my blog’s name is Atim’s Thoughts.


I chose this name few months after I’d started blogging. Honestly I have no great inspiration behind the name. I just thought of a name that could portray what I would be writing about, which is basically my thoughts, opinions and perspective on various things. So, Atim’s Thoughts sounded just fine. Once upon a time, efforts were made towards finding a more “inspired” blog name but they were futile.😁😁. So Atim’s Thoughts stuck and it will be that way for quite awhile.

What’s the inspiration behind your blog name? Let’s share in the comments section.
Also, join the challenge if you want to. The more, the merrier!.

Like Kom Kom says, I love you for reading.




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