Day 2 || 20 Facts About Me.

Heyy y’all.. how are we all doing?
High spirits over here because I spent the day with one of my most favourite people. 



Today’s day 2 of the 30 day blogging challenge I told you about..


Today’s topic is:


Well, well, well is there anything new to know about me really? During my hey days on this blog, I talked about myself quite alot that I’m really finding it hard to get something useful to add. Let’s try though.

1. I unconsciously “lie” (for lack of a better word, because I don’t consider it lying.😁) about my age sometimes, especially to strangers. I tell them I’m a year older than I actually am. This started when I was 17, I used to tell people I was 18 and then the cycle continued to date.

2. My personality differs depending on who I’m with. So there’s a category of people who think I’m fun, outspoken and outgoing and there’s another category who I think I’m reserved, quiet and guarded. It just depends on who you are.

A Komusana inspired face. 😁😁

3. I’m in llloovveeeee with weddings.

4. Despite my height, some people ask me whether I’ve modelled before or whether I consider being a model sometime. Yes, I’ve modelled before. Do I consider modelling, I guess maybe pictorial modelling.

5. I wore a gomesi (traditional attire for the baganda in Uganda) for the very first time last month.


All I have to say is, I respect everyone who wears that stuff and can still look effortlessly graceful the whole day. I tripped a gazillion times, or I held the thingy too high or forgot and mistakenly pulled out those folds at the sides, and I couldn’t even dance like I wanted to. It was work!.


6. I have and odd liking for even numbers. I find them more organised looking. Loll.

7. I currently kind of have a mini crush on Timi Dakolo.


Not that I just got to know him, no. I just have this weird thing where I crush on people after even years of knowing them.

8. I’m not single. I’ve not been for the past two years and four months.


I rarely talk about it here because I’m abit of a private person with such things, and I have not yet got to a point where I go all out about it on the blog.

9. My middle name is Esther. However, hardly anyone calls me Esther. Once in a while my dad will call me Haddasah (Jewish for Esther), then some people who meet me for the first time call me Esther until they realise everyone else doesn’t, and then they are done, once in a while someone will shock me and call me Esther. Other than that, my middle name is pretty much non existent.


10. Don’t buy me a cake or a teddy bear as a birthday present. Please.

11. I really prefer wearing heels to flat shoes.


I was fortunate enough to go to a high school that accepted us to wear heels to church on Sundays. I had the time of my life. Lol. I feel more confident when wearing them. However, this campus life of mine has made that impossible. I (almost) never wear heels to campus.
It’s not me who will be walking to and from my hostel, around different lecture rooms the whole day in high heeled shoes.

12. I’m currently reading Sycamore Row for like the 4th time.


Not because I want it that way, no. Because I’ve run out of books to read. Someone please lend me a good book.

12. I sucked two of my fingers on my left hand until primary 6 when I joined boarding school and met bullies who kept laughing at me and through that, they motivated me to stop.

13. I grew up watching Nollywood movies and I still watch them. Yes, I still watch them. Seeing the amazing transformation and growth the industry has had over the years is inspiring.

14. I sort of have a selective memory. I usually remember only what I want to remember and shut out the rest.

15. I’m totally bad with languages. Jeez!.  Which, I’ve realised is a bad and frustrating position to be in if the kind of work you are involved in involves talking to people in a local language sometimes. I’ve looked and felt stupid, inefficient and incompetent because of language barrier. Even mere luganda gives a child such a hard time.


16. I sang in the church choir for the better part of my primary and secondary school. But just like Joel Jemba , my singing voice gradually disappeared with boarding school.

17. I truly truly appreciate everyone who takes their time to read and comment on my posts. You guys keep me blogging. Like Komusana says, I love you for reading!.


18. I have failed to come up with 20 facts.

Do we have anything in common? Let’s share in the comments section.

And, let’s go have a look at Komusana’s blog too.




  1. So I’m finally here 🙈 lol. I loved the Sycamore Row though I find it hard to reread a book unless it’s a poetry collection.
    Also, your melanin; queening 💯👑 tihihi, now that you’re not single I’ll leave.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, so av been going through ur entire blog posts and managed to read all the stories, they r really great, ur such an entertaining writer, sometimes I come here when life is acting up and I just need something to read and make me giggle(true story). U c how in may u had a kind of blogger block (can’t recall how u phrased it), that happens to me all the time, u c I have had WordPress installed in my phone for now coming to 6 months but I never get the inspiration to go there, once I did, I managed to write one post simply introducing myself blahblah but then after reading thru, I was like “This is not fun, I dont think people will enjoy reading this, am not creative, the entire post is wack…. And so many negative thoughts ran through my mind. I deleted the post… So really seeing u continously write and write even when u lack inspiration and u feel some alien is habouring yr body and u just don’t feel like ur self at all is truly amazing, allow me to ask.. “How do u do it?” hihi, and the stories are all so full of light

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aawww… Thanks alot Liz… Comments like this, they keep a sister blogging. I blog for such comments. Thank you for appreciating my work. I’m really glad and humbled that all this random scribbling makes your day sometimes. Bloggers block is real, but you just have to write through it and conquer it… Once again, thanks for reading and commenting.❤❤❤


  3. Also u asked us if we had anything in common with u, personally I do… I also prefer heels to flat shoes… I just can’t imagine myself being one of those gals always in heels at campus tho, mukono terrain aint just suitable… Oh also the way u used to suck ur fingers, I used to have a tongue situation (locally known as kilimi in luganda), but my Brothers dont know if to call it fortunately or unfortunately bullied me out of it

    Liked by 2 people

    • Liz, it’s official. you and I are soul sisters in a deeper level.. loll.. our paths were really meant to cross… From Grey’s Anatomy to the law situation, to this!!.. we are meant to be. Hahahhaha.

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  4. It was nice getting to know you better.

    Now I know what a gomesi is and looks like. I didn’t know that Hadassah was Jewish for Esther, now I know. Thank you. 🙂

    Timi Dakolo is a wonderful artiste. I know what you mean, high heels add a sensual swag to one’s stride, I always feel confident in heels. The click-clack sound is part of the appeal. Lol

    An interesting read.

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