30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 3.

Today’s topic is:


I love qoutes.


They are real besties when I need uplifting, reassurance, or a real good reality check.
In their way, some of them have guided some of the decisions I’ve made in my life. On one of her blog posts, Kom Kom  said that she has a designated folder for them In her phone. When I read that, ofcourse I copied her. Loll. I too have a designated folder for qoutes.
However, I don’t have a favourite quote. Just like songs, movies, books and generally most things in life (in my life atleast), the best is the best for the particular moment then another best comes. A favourite can change in a space of two days or two years, or less or more. The constant is, they always change.
Plus this life is surely large enough to accommodate as many favourites as one can.

So, I went searching for which qoute would speak to me at this moment, and I found this one.


About two days ago, I realised that my chances of achieving something that has always been my dream for the past three years are very slim. I was devastated and went about seeking pity parties and beating myself about it. (For something that has not yet even happened!!. For something that needs adjustments and afew sacrifices here and there for me to achieve it!!. For something that clearly I was lucky enough to realise early so I could work on changing it).
I had mentally let that go already and gone to sleep. Shame upon me.
This quote spoke to me at this particular moment. I need to be awake and alive for this dream and every other dream to happen in their best form.
We all need that. Let’s keep awake as we dream.
I hope you like the qoute.

Dont forget to read Komusana’s post too.
Liz also joined the challenge. She just started blogging today. Let’s go show her some love and follow her blog.

One extra qoute because I love you all.




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