30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 4

How are we all doing?

We are still going strong in this 30 day blog challenge.


I usually get to type these posts at night and apparently, that’s when all the crazy and exhaustion of the day are taking a toll on me. So pardon all the typos and grammatical errors my darlings.

Today’s Topic is:.



My dream job is one that will enable me soar high and attain success as I’ve dreamed of it.

One that will give me that fulfilment and satisfaction of a race well run and a mission accomplished. This fulfilment is key in what my dream job should be. I want to wake up every morning looking forward to my day.

This dream job should enable me help people to the best of my abilities. Otherwise how is it a great job if it’s not helping anyone?

This dream job should be one that will inspire someone out there to persistently chase their own dreams.

So, that’s it for today. What’s your dream job? Share in the comments section

When I read this interview sometime back, I felt like this lady was living my dream. Loll. You can have a look at it.  http://www.ugandandiaspora.com/professor-annet-wanyana-oguttu-first-black-woman-to-obtain-a-tax-law-doctorate-in-south-africa





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