30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 6

How are we all doing?
I’m okay. I’m currently at work, thanking God it’s Friday!.💃💃💃🍹🍹

Today is day 6 of the 30 day blogging challenge. It’s not yet too late for you to join. The more the merrier.


Today’s topic is


I really wish I were one of those people who go like “I don’t have any fears/ I’m not afraid of anything”.
I think it would really be cool and easy being such a person.
Though I still wonder how it feels to have no fears at all, to be afraid of totally nothing or whether it’s actually possible or some people just choose not to think of their fears or shut their fears out, hence calling it a lack of fear.

Source: Google Images

I don’t know.
Just random thoughts here.

So, what am I afraid of?

Failure and coping with death of loved ones.

What are you afraid of?

Enjoy your weekend!.




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