30 Days Blogging Challenge || Day 5.

Hey guys, it’s day 6 but someone is posting about day 5.


Apologies, apologies. I failed to post yesterday due to circumstances beyond my control.
However, we are back in full gear, and day 6 will be up in a bit.

How are you all doing?

Yesterday’s topic was:


My proudest moments are ahead of me. I have not yet graduated, not yet created that dream job, not yet studied to the point I want to, not yet gotten married, not yet had children, not yet set up that organisation that will help disadvantaged children in villages, not yet won something very serious, etc. (These are things that would qualify as proudest moments to me). It’s like I’ve barely lived a quarter way of my life to have a real actual proudest moment.

When I’m asked this question a few years from now, I will have some actual answers.

However, in the many years I’ve lived, I’ve had this particular thing that have makes me proud of myself… My little sisters. These girls make me so proud.
I’m the eldest girl in a family of five. I have three younger sisters. Everytime these angels have shown me directly or indirectly that they look up to me, has been a proudest moment for me.
From looking for guidance on the very little things like what to clothes to wear, what to buy… Let’s pause right there, I need to tell y’all a funny story.

One-day, two of my sisters came to report themselves to me that whenever I get back from shopping, they head to wherever I’ve put the stuff I’ve bought and check them so that they can copy from me the next time they want to shop. 😂😂😂
The reporting came about in such a funny way. On this particular day, I was back from shopping. I took my stuff to the bedroom, and immediately, one of them went to check them as usual. However, she forgot to lock the door with a key. So some minutes later, the other also heads to the room to do the same thing, only to find this one seriously going through the stuff. Hahaha. So, on realising what was happening, they revealed to eachother that that each of them always does that secretly whenever I shop.
It was so funny that they had to come report themselves.
I laughed my head off, more out of happiness than amusement.

Okay, back to the real post.

To the big important things like guidance on what decisions or choices they need to make in certain situations.
I know it’s expected that your younger ones should look up to you, however, when they actually do (it’s not automatic) and believe in you, it’s still a real proud moment that I do not take for granted at all.

So, yeah. That’s my proudest moment for now.

What’s yours? Let’s share in the comments section.




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