30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 7

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How is everyone.

I’m thankful  to Komusana for introducing me to this challenge. My writing would still be lagging behind if she hadn’t. Don’t forget to have a look at her beautiful writing.

Our topic is:


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I have an interesting relationship with music. I never keep up with trends. I never know which songs are actually “current” because I don’t listen to radio, don’t really go to clubs and neither do I watch music channels on TV.
When I go back to school or meet friends and they are all over a song, that’s when I get to know that such and such a song is a latest hit. Now because of that, I get to know about songs very late, after everybody else is tired of them. I’ve been in circumstances where I’m so in love with a song, I send it to a few people only to get the information that the song has been a hit for the past 6 months.😂😂😂 so if my current favourites are very old, you now know why.

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These songs listed today are those that are currently on repeat on my playlist.
They qualify as favourites for now. I wish I could list all, but I’ll do the best six.


In no particular order :..

1. Mighty God by Joe Praise. Ft Soweto Gospel Choir.
2. Wish me well by Timi Dakolo.
3. The vow by Timi Dakolo.
4. S.O.S- Release me by Zonke.
5. Best in me by Efya.
6. Pray for me by Darey ft Soweto Gospel Choir.

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What are you currently listening to? How’s your weekend?




    • Lol. Cool kid. Hahaha. Asa is a great musician. I’ve listened to afew songs by her..
      Haven’t listened to any by Mudford and sons. I guess you are a cool kid too.😁😁. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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