30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 8 and 9.

How are we doing?

I’m great. I had such a lovely weekend.
I hope yours was great too..

I’m sorry I could not post yesterday because of circumstances beyond my control. So, here’s day 8 and 9.

First things first, Happy Birthday to Angel the amazing soul I met through wordpress. May happiness, laughter, prosperity and all the good things life has to offer be yours in abundance.

Yesterday’s topic was:



Here are my five most important goals for now.

In no particular order :..

1. Graduate from law school and law development Center.
2. Do my postgraduate degree as soon as I can.
3. Get my dissertation up and running.
4. Get a passport ASAP.
5. Secure myself a job.

What are your current goals?

Today’s topic is:



First, I would have loved to take a picture or pictures of the contents of my bag, but I’m at work, so I can’t be flat laying things around. I’m forgiven, yes? Thank you!.


The contents of my bag vary depending on where I’m going, what I need for a particular day etc.
However, these are the stuff you’ll most likely always find when regardless of where I’m going. (As long as you see me holding a bag).

So let’s get to know what’s in my bag…


1. Any book that I’m currently reading. For now, I’m reading Silent Witness

2. A scarf… because you may never know what you’ll need it for.

3. Lip stick, lip balm and a mirror.

4. Lotion.

5. Tissue and a handkerchief.

6. Powder.. because not by choice, we are team oily skin.

7. Face wipes.. because team oily skin.

8. Sunglasses.

9. Earphones and my phone.. for obvious reasons.

10. A wallet that contains money, identification cards, ATM card, medical insurance card, business cards, receipts, passport photographs, razor blades and safety pins (lol).

11. A notebook(s) and a pen.


What’s in your bag / wallet?




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