30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 10, 11, 12 and 13.

How are we doing?.
I had all intentions of writing yesterday, but I later chose not to, because as you will see later in the post, I dint have much to say about yesterday’s topic so I decided to combine it with that of today.

I have also included answers of days 12 and 13 because I may not be able to blog on for the next two days.


So, enjoy the read.


Uuuh… Let me think…. Okay, let’s not even pretend that I’m thinking about it. I’ve not had a best trip of my life yet. This one exists in my future.

What was the best trip of your life?


1. Fresh peas.

2. Irish potatoes (in all their forms)

3. Rice.

4. Noodles and eggs (preferably boiled eggs, but fried won’t hurt).

5. Rolex. O rolex, my darling rolex, What would my food life be like without you?

6. Deep fried chicken and chicken wings.

7. Liver.

8. Fresh beans.

9.Roasted meat.

10. Popcorn

What are your favourite foods?


For this, I actually do have a favourite.
I feel nostalgic as I write about this. Memories of that time I was 9 years old. Hungry for everything and anything that was even remotely related to princesses, mermaids, fairies etc because everyone in school had watched the cartoons and couldn’t stop talking about them (I grew up watching Nigerian movies not cartoons. Haha). I was in primary three. I saved up money from what was meant for my break and borrowed two books from the library every two days. I remember this particular one I read and fell in love with, hence becoming a favourite.
It was very huge (number one reason I borrowed it) I could barely hide it from my parents when I got home. It was purple, on the front cover were pretty shining stars and some of the characters from the famous fairy tales.
I don’t remember it’s exact title. It is a collection of all fairy tales and other stories. So it had one of those long titles. Each story had brightly coloured illustrations to match it. It was a 9 year old girl’s dream of princesses,  mermaids and fairy tales come true. It was my favourite book.

I kept borrowing it over and over again, hiding it in a particular place whenever I returned it so that I would find it next time I wanted to borrow. This landed me in some real problems, which is a story for another day.

What is your favourite childhood book?


Ahem.. *clears throat*. I will get back to you on this one.
I don’t have a fridge of my own.

What’s in your fridge?.

Okay, that sums up four days of blogging.

I will be having a June Update post coming up soon.

Otherwise, thank you for reading.




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