30 Day Blogging Challenge || Day 14 and 15.

Hey everyone.. The challenge continues today with questions of two days answered.
I’ve realised that it is much easier for me to do this challenge when I combine days.
So, that’s how the rest of the challenge will be done.

Let’s get started..



How about we make them four? Yes?.

In no particular order:.

1. Walking.
I do this more as a hobby than as a healthy living kind of thing. I loved walking way before I knew the health benefits it comes with. The health benefits come as a bonus.

2. Living within my means.
If it is out of my means, I’m not selling an arm to get it or do it. Unless it is of utmost importance, or when I feel like spoiling myself or someone, or it will save my life or that of somebody.
My motivation for this is that “one-day it won’t be out of my means. How about I just be patient till then”..

3. Staying on my lane.
I’ll stick my nose real deep into your business if you are my close friend or family or if I’m interested in getting to know you because literally, you are part of my business. If you are not, I’ll respect your privacy.

4. Praying.
There’s power in prayer and praying consistently builds a great relationship with God.


My plans for the next five years of my life are mainly career related.

Five years from now, I will be through with my bachelor’s degree, bar course, masters degree and I will be building my career.
That’s all I can think of for now.

What are your good habits, where will you be in five years? Let’s share.

Oh, today marks exactly a year since I started my healthy hair journey. I’ll talk about it later today.
For now, let me go and make this public holiday useful.

Enjoy your Eid celebrations.




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