June was good || Update and Favourites.

I think I got a dissertation topic.Whoo hoo *dances shoki*

Now that we’ve danced and celebrated this first step in the journey to victory, let’s move on swiftly.

How are you? You can tell I’m fine right. I took a five day blog-cation because I was doing many things. Now I’m back to continue with the challenge, and I also have a few drafts I’m working on.


It is a wonderful morning. I’m alive and well, my skin is not breaking out anymore so that is making me happy, today is Eid, so we have a public holiday… What better moment than now to talk about June?. It was a good month.

June has been such a great month!.

It has been my “happy month” as everything seemed to be falling in place. I was happy, more in sync with myself and with God.
I decided to be intentional about seeing the grace of God in my life. I’m one of those people who says they’re blessed only when something huge happens. This is not good. One-day I sat down and just thought about all the terrible things that have not happened to me and I realised God has really been good to me.


I’m doing a 40 day devotional called Focus. It is a very good one that helps you gain/re-gain/ strengthen (depending on where you fall) spiritual disciplines that enable one re focus on God. E.g prayer, fasting, Bible study etc. It is a good one.
Generally, I’ve had a peace, joy and happiness that only come from knowing and acknowledging  that God’s got you.

It was an month of learning, re learning and even unlearning somethings.
I’m learning not to attach so much importance on money. It is a story for another blog post.
I re- learned to let go and let God take over everything. I had planned to have a dissertation topic by May. Come end of May, not topic. I pushed it to first week of June. No Topic. Pushed the deadline to mid June, no topic still. I got tired of looking for a suitable topic. You see, it’s not looking for the topic that was hard, it was as easy as just picking a topic from anywhere really. However, I needed a suitable topic that I would most likely carry forward and continue with as I do my post grad degree. That’s why it was hard for me.  As I was saying, I got tired and stopped researching, stopped asking people whether they had submitted or not, and I just decided to continue praying about it. Last week, the topic came to me. I wasn’t even searching when I found it. I just found it, and when I did, I knew it was the one.
I had to unlearn a thing or ten about these natural hair things. They were getting too complicated for my lifestyle.

I love my work. I really enjoy doing it much more than I thought I would when I’d just started.
I love the practical experience of meeting clients, talking to them, helping them and getting all that theory class work into practice. Talking of clients, I can do a book on the categories of people you will meet when working in the law field. Lol. The thing is, where jail or money is involved, people don’t play.
I don’t want to leave, but as it stands now, it is temporary, so I gotta leave at the end of August.

Together with nine other students, I went to Soroti for a school project that entailed us conducting mediation sessions for land disputes in various districts in Teso. I’m grateful that I had this opportunity to get practical and actually help people. Everyday we came back with positive results was a great day for me.
On a personal level, I loved the travelling. We went to a new district each day and it was a nice experience.
I’m one of those people who din’t grow up in their home towns, so spending time conducting those sessions taught me alot about my tribe, my culture, my people. I learned in one week, more stuff about the Iteso than I’d learned my entire life.
Oh, some of my colleagues had those moments where they found people all charged and ready to chase them from their land. Haha. Don’t mess with an African’s land.

Since we are talking about school, I got last semester’s results at the beginning of the month. They were awesome. I’m so thankful to God for how he has taken me through law school academic-wise. Since 1st year, second semester, I’ve not had any issues with my performance. I don’t take it for granted. Don’t ask about first year, first semester. It wasn’t pretty. Let’s just I was totally embarrassed, disappointed in myself, humbled and I learned (the hard way) many lessons about hard work, self discipline and not taking things for granted.

Komusana took me for a belated birthday dinner.


It was great night.

My crochet braids rocked for the better part of the month, but let’s face it, I love my hair more, so they dint last their expected 6 to 8 weeks. (Sounds familiar)

I developed a love for hats (especially fedoras) so suddenly, it’s totally crazy.


Thanks to the random money I’ve been getting and the thrift market that makes it it’s business to ensure that even broke people like me can look relevant in these fashion things,  I acquired few of those.

I’ve also been wearing alot of white, black, grey, brown and the like on my work days because I never know whose office or chambers I may end up in on a particular day.
When I’d just started, I would get sent on errands abruptly and it would turn out that I just chose to wear a yellow skirt that day. Considering the career I’m in, you won’t be taken so seriously when you walk into people’s offices or chambers with your yellow skirt on a Monday morning.

I think I got my holy grail skin products.
I’m so excited because nothing I’ve tried before has really worked for me 100% until I found this one. I started seeing results in the first two weeks of using it.
I got to know about Clean and Clear Products through various blogs both on wordpress and YouTube.
I decided to give them a shot considering the positive reviews I’d read and seen. I decided to start with just one product, which is, Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent.


Guys, my skin is clearing. I see a tremendous transformation. I really would like to talk about it more, but I first want to acquire their face srucb and black head remover so that I can see the over all final result and then review them at once.
As soon as I’m set, a products review will be coming up.

I re discovered my love for particular songs I loved in the past. They include:

1. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.
2. Counting Stars by One Direction
3. All about that bass by Meghan Trainor.
4. Bye bye by Asem ft Kabwena Kabwena
5. A new day has come by Celine Dion.

Otherwise, on my latest music obsession, let’s go with this guy called DAREY and his new album titled NAKED.


For those of you who love African music, you may like his music.


On TV, the only thing I’ve watched consistently is The voice Nigeria.
I’m still team Timi though I think team Patoranking has some real great entertainers. They don’t just sing, they go ahead and put on a great performance while doing it.

On books, well well, I was reading The Silent witness, but I finished that last week. However, on the day Elechi Amadi passed on, I re read The Concubine. Just in memory of him. He was a great writer.

I got an awesome video making app called Viva Video. I llloovvee it. Since then, I’ve been making random videos of myself. Oh how I love these moments of private fame. Haha. If you are too shy and broke to do it for YouTube, you can do it for your phone gallery.😁

How was June?




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