Let’s talk hair || It’s been a year!!.

Oh, it has been a beautiful day!.

Thankful Heart.❤

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Today marks exactly a  year since I started my journey to healthy hair.

May 2016.

Last year, on 6th July, after weeks of watching YouTube videos and reading through natural hair blogs, I took down my bob box braids, trimmed 2 and a half inches of my hair, had my first DIY wash, deep condition etc, and my journey began.
It has been a great experience, full of fun and adventure.


The best part of this whole journey has been seeing the results.
My hair has improved a great deal in the past year.
Before I started my journey, I had very thin, weak, discoloured hair, which seemed stunted in growth.

August 2014. See my hair. Loolll. I can't believe it was once like this.That's kind of what my hair was like when I began my journey.
August 2014

However, ever since I started this journey, I’ve seen a significant change. I’m happy with how my hair looks and how it is progressing.


I’ve also learned what my hair needs and what works with it, so I don’t have to do or use everything the internet says I should do or use.

This next year, I hope to:

1. Get a blow out and probably even flat iron it atleast once. I’ve never done this because I’m scared of heat damage.

2. Get a dye job. This, probably by the end of this year.
I’m thinking dark brown or plum. I’ll be dyeing only the tips.

3. Go to a professional natural hair saloon and spoil myself. I do all my hairstyles (Bantu knots, twist outs, braid outs and every other styling) on my own. One-day (when I have a fancy occasion) I will go to a real natural hair saloon, get my hair washed, deep conditioned, pampered and get one real fancy hairstyle like the ones you see people with natural hair rock on the red carpet. Haha.

4. Continue caring for it for healthier and longer hair.

PS: I’m almost reaching my goal length for the year way before the year ends. Yyaayyy.
I did this length check in May.

May 2016

So, I know I’ve retained alittle more length since then.

I’m fine and I’ve had a nice day. How are you, how has your day been?




  1. Hello Doll, awesome, beautiful hair, make sure for each decision, you research how to protect your beautiful healthy hair before using heat, dye and stylist, wish you the best and yes, your tresses are beautiful as you are yourself!!!!

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  2. It’s so creepy your hair looks exactly like mine when I finally took it out the braids I had & I was shy of a year that I had gone natural too. Your hair is gorgeous too! I also plan to spoil myself one these days & go to a pro to style my hair at least once.

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aawww. Thanks. I tried looking through your blog so I cd see a picture of your hair but I failed to get any.😩😩. I really want to see hair that looks like mine.. loll.. Anyhoo, thanks for reading and commenting.


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