It is in the little things.

I was in Tororo for the weekend. I grew up in Tororo though it is not my hometown. Some years ago, life happened and we moved to Mukono. However, Tororo is still home. And it is a great get away place for me whenever Kampala crazy has gotten to my head.
Anyway, like I was saying, I was in Tororo over the weekend.
Yesterday being my last day there until God knows when, I decided to use the opportunity to pick my national ID since I registered from there (Yes, I’m one of those Ugandans who are just waking up to pick their IDs. But we all know how some of these deadlines work over here) and I need it urgently.

Before leaving home, I tell God that I know that I’m unserious to be picking my ID several months after the deadline, but I need favour as I go to pick it. I need to be out of there ASAP because I need to be in Mukono ASAP.

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Brief history on how my registration process went.

I went to venue 1 to register. They started working on me, but something happened (I don’t remember what) so they stopped right there and sent me to venue 2.
I went to venue 2. I went through the whole process then I was told that to needed to go another venue because of something concerning the sub county I had written on the form or something like that.
I head to venue 3 (one of those UPE schools Museveni likes to take credit for creating) I had already run out of my patience and I just wanted to get the whole thing over with. I’d never been there and I dint really care to know about the place, name of the school etc… Anyhow, registration was successful at venue three.

Back to today.

I get into the office and explain why I’m there.
First question was, where did you register from? I first have this clueless look on my face because for the life of me, I don’t remember the name of the school. I try to explain, but the lady I spoke to says she needs specifics. I din’t know nothing about the place. I couldn’t even remember where exactly it was located. Meanwhile I start chanting my mantra in my head.

God make my ID magically appear among the nearest stack of IDs. Make this process smooth.

Then she asks for the form. Then I remember. Oh shoot. We were told to carry the forms along as we came to pick the cards. But that was 2014 now. How was I supposed to remember that about two years later?. And even if I did, where was I supposed to find the freaking form from wherever I put it. So, as humbly as I could, with the best sheepish grin I could master, I tell her I don’t have it. Well, the grin dint work, as she snapped at me and started lamenting about how I expected her to look for my ID from the four huge boxes that contained thousands of IDs each.

God make my ID magically appear among the nearest stack of IDs. Make this process smooth.

After about a minute of giving me a piece of her mind, (which I dint mind really, because honestly, I was being such an unnecessary headache to her at 8:00am. I would be mad too if someone dint remember anything about where she registered from and expected me to start searching from nowhere) she says she’s trying to check only the first 100 IDs, if it’s not there, I should go and come back with either clear details or my form. Wait, what! Come back? No. I can’t come back. God knows when next I’ll be back and it’s not soon and I need this ID like last year. It is that urgent. Besides I’m not even going to pretend that I will be able trace the school or find my form. My ID just needs to appear among the ones she will check.

God make my ID magically appear among the nearest stack of IDs. Make this process smooth.

She picks the first stack of IDs, it’s not there. Second stark, not there. Third stack, my cute little ID was so there.

I did a mini squeal, an involuntary happy jump and said thank you like a hundred times. She wasn’t amused or smiling and dint care for the thank yous. But I din’t care. I had my ID within five minutes of getting there. That’s all that mattered.

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Now, it makes more sense and it is much easier for me to dismiss this and call it luck instead of grace. But I’m choosing to call it grace because that’s exactly what it was.
Grace doesn’t have to be getting your dream job, achieving your wildest dreams, etc. Grace can be as little as your ID being among the first 100 to be checked and even something less than that.

Grace is in the little things. The ones we take for granted and barely take note of.

How has God used little things to shower His Grace upon you lately? Let’s share.



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